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Watch: Second Wave of Speakers Announced

Published on Newsplex

Tom Tom Founders Festival has announced the second wave of speakers for the 2016 Founders Summit. The announcement coincides with the raise in ticket prices happening on Friday at midnight.

The Founders Summit brings together a panel of impressive individuals from all different backgrounds to share their stories.

The Director of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, Paul Beyer said, “We all see these amazing ideas, these amazing companies but it’s not always apparent how they happened and how they grew, what the idea was, what the initial struggles were, how they were overcome.”

And that’s one thing that makes the Founders Summit so unique.

Beyer said, “So, the Founder’s Summit is the only conference like this, that I know of, in the country, where that’s the entire theme of the day across all kinds of different disciplines and fields. artists, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, saying here is the idea that I had that was new, it was revolutionary. Here’s how I built it and here’s how you can do that too.”

Besides success, there’s another thread that seems to tie all of the founders together.

“I am constantly amazed by how generous and giving successful founders are of their time, of their thoughts, of their energy,” Beyer said. “And many of these founders, very few take honorariums, they fly into Charlottesville just to give back to the community and to share their stories with aspiring founders. so that’s what I take away more than anything else. The ethos of the festival is about giving back, about sharing knowledge, building skills.”

And now it seems there is a lot of building and founding in Charlottesville.

“We call Charlottesville America’s founding city, that’s one of the themes of this year’s festival,” he said. “That it is a place where founding has happened and it’s a draw to many people across the country for its history. but, it’s a founding city because people are founding things now and Tom Tom is a great example of how we are shaping the future and the city’s founding ethos is something that applies as we look ahead.”

The Founders Summit takes place on April 15 at the Paramount Theater.


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