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For over 10 years, we’ve connected the communities of Charlottesville to imagine and build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission:

We are an events organization in Charlottesville, Virginia, whose programs focus on bringing together diverse communities to build a brighter tomorrow. Tom Tom, short for “Tomorrow Tomorrow,” recognizes the possibility and promise of a shared future. Our mission is to connect the Charlottesville community in authentic and powerful ways, and empower all of us to contribute to telling that shared story. Our collaborative approach with hundreds of organizations showcases our community in a profound way, not just at April’s flagship Tom Tom Festival, but throughout the year. As we equip and inspire engaged citizens from all different backgrounds, we build relationships, have fun, collaborate, and collectively create something new.

Our Story:

Tom Tom began in 2012 as a spring festival that celebrated the creativity and entrepreneurship of Charlottesville. The following year, the Tom Tom Foundation — a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization — was formed to steward the event and expand the programs annually. In the decade since, we’ve implemented dozens of program formats, projects and initiatives; from Festivals to Summits, to virtual and online offerings; mural projects to policy working groups. The ultimate goal: get as many engaged citizens as possible to the table, and develop a shared understanding of what it takes to make Charlottesville a flourishing, culturally rich, and opportunity-filled hometown. 


The Evolution of Tom Tom

“10 Years. It's a big milestone for any organization; an opportunity to refine and deepen what we do.

For us, it's also a time to define; in this case, bringing a formal definition to our name. Going forward, Tom Tom will be short-hand for “Tomorrow Tomorrow”— a Festival about the Future. It harkens back to the very first Tom Tom promotional poster in 2012, when that year’s theme was “Dreams of the Future.” 

Focusing our gaze on Tomorrow, Tom Tom can connect the community and create common ground for everyone to join a dialogue about a brighter, more vibrant, and more equitable hometown.”

Our Values:

A decade in, we’ve reflected on what matters to us most. We published this values statement that compiles the philosophy, intentions, and aspirations for building a stronger hometown. It’s these values that informs all of our programs.


Read the Values Statement.

Our Hometown:

 The story of our hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia is a complicated one, but it’s as universal as it is unique. Charlottesville is a microcosm for small cities everywhere as we struggle with economic and social inequality, historical contradictions, and enormous structural challenges—issues the events of August 12, 2017 made manifest on the world stage. That Charlottesville has begun to confront its past head-on while actively working toward a more equitable future for all of its residents is a dynamic we’re proud to be a part of.

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How can you support us in this mission?

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