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Tom Tom festival organizers will reveal first batch of bands during Friday’s Buffalo Bash

Published in the The Daily Progress

Tom Tom Founders Festival officials will unveil the first round of this year’s bands and other performers during the fest’s Buffalo Bash event at 8 p.m. Friday at the University of Virginia’s McLeod Hall.

The Buffalo Bash will include performances by University Dance Club, the Virginia Gentlemen, Erin and the Wildfire, Radio Music Society, Common School Movement, University Salsa Club, the Pride lion dance troupe and X-Tasee. At 10:30 p.m., bar night festivities will begin at Boylan Heights.

Tickets are $10, $7 in advance, and include a bar night wristband. Proceeds will benefit Tom Tom. Learn more at buffalobash/

During the evening, the first batch of bands for the 2015 Tom Tom Founders Festival will be announced. This year’s event will take place from April 13 to 19. Find details at


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