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Fall Block Party Includes Tech Mixer

Published on Newsplex

Fall Block Party Includes Tech Mixer for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The Tom Tom Founders Festival fourth annual Fall Block Party will include a Technology Mixer to assemble some of the top tech firms and entrepreneurially-minded students from across the state.

It’s designed to connect knowledge workers in the region and offer recruitment opportunities.

The Tech Mixer will be hosted by PsiKick and include more than 50 of the area’s hottest tech firms, including Borrowed and Blue, SNL Financial, and WillowTress Apps.

“Being a founder of a startup in Charlottesville and knowing a number of other founders, we talk about the need to bring the technology community closer together and foster more interaction among entrepreneurs, inventors and investors,” said Brendan Richardson, co-founder and CEO of PsiKick. “Founders in Charlottesville deal with a lot of similar issues that face startups everywhere, and we want to extend that circle of support to a broader entrepreneurial community in Charlottesville.”

Twelve recent start-ups from the i.Lab at the University of Virginia will be exhibiting alongside successfully funded firms.

Students from seven universities across the Commonwealth will also be participating by touring innovative workplaces in Charlottesville.

The hosts for the Tech Mixer are PsiKick, i.Lab at UVa. .GovSmart. SNL Financial, the Batten Instiute, CCRI, Hackville, the UVa Career Center, Borrowed and Blue, Charlottesville Tomorrow, Relay Foods, Charlottesville Business Innovation Council, Charlottesville Office of Economic Development, White Beckert and Associates, Ting, Center for Innovative Technologies, WillowTree, StoryWare, the McIntire School of Commerce, Indoor Biotechnologies, Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Diodes, and Scitent.

Participants include Alloy, Pure Hibi, Apprenticeship Connections, rADical, Archemedx, RouteMine, Caribe Juice, Sam Hill Entertainment, CaseNex, Scivera, Dojo Research and Consulting, Sensibility Care, DreamPower, Silverchair, Foodio, Springbok, GigDog, StockLife, In a Flash Laser, Tech Dynamism, Lighthouse Studio, Telehealth, Modatrova, UpHex, Newswise, and Private Practice.

The Tech Mixer takes place Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the IX Art Park.


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