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Artist, Volunteers Paint CAT Trolley for Tom Tom Festival

The brains behind Charlottesville’s Tom Tom Founders Festival are launching what they’re calling City As Canvas campaign.

The first project in the art campaign was to give a Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) free trolley a colorful makeover. The festival commissioned resident artist Mickael Broth to lead volunteers on Wednesday, March 25, in spray painting an entire trolley.

“We wanted to do something that would really attract a lot of attention and kind of capture the energy of the festival,” Broth said.

This newly decorated CAT trolley will be taking people to and from downtown Charlottesville during TTFF this April.

“The free trolley is something that is accessible to a lot of people and is kind of a large-scale canvas here in town,” said Sana Khawaja, Tom Tom art coordinator.

The newly painted trolley will also become the stage for Poetry on the Trolley, one of the 30 events at the Tom Tom Founders Festival.

“I think Charlottesville is a place that really encourages arts in different and unique places, and this is just another way to sort of add to that conversation,” Khawaja said.

The Tom Tom Founders Festival runs from April 13 to April 19. Click here to see the full schedule of events.


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