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Tom Tom preparing for partner competitions

Published on Newsplex

The Tom Tom Founders Festival is planning to give up to $1 million to startups during its partner competitions this year.

The first competition is the Crowdfunded Pitch Night that will take place April 13.

Ten local entrepreneurs, artists and nonprofits will pitch their ideas to a live audience, which will then vote on which project to fund.

Applications must be submitted by March 21 for this event.

Next comes the Million Dollar Pitch Night on April 15, which combines the E Cup and the Galant Challenge.

The E Cup gives out more than $50,000 in total prize and in-kind resources to the most compelling student ventures.

Applications for the E Cup must be submitted by April 1.

The Galant Challenge will connect University of Virginia alumni ventures with money.

This event has given out more than $1 million in funding since 2012.

Applications must be submitted by April 4.

The Super Demo will take place April 16 and is n annual pitch competition that gives students a chance to present their projects to a panel of judges.

Applications for this event are due by March 20.

All of these events are free to attend.

There are also two competitions for high school students, the Building Your Business competition and the Building Your Community challenge.

The Building Your Business competition allows ten students or student teams to make a three-minute pitch on a product or service and the business they hope to create or grow.

The audience will pick the winners, each of which will get cash prizes and a mentorship from the Community Investment Collaborative.

The Building Your Community challenge inspires students to think about how they can build their community in the schools, the neighborhoods and in society at large.

Individuals or teams will make presentations, get feedback from expert innovators, and then finalists will get a $250 cash grant for their project.

Information on all of these competitions and applications for them can be found [here].


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