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Navigate the Applied Machine Learning Conference Like a Pro

by Tom Tom Staff

Our second annual Applied Machine Learning Conference will bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners in #bigdata and machine learning applications for a day of presentations, flash talks, and discussions. Last year, we were thrilled by the enthusiastic response and seeing it sell out! We have put together a basic survival guide for all attendees, with reminders and tips on how to make the most of your experience.

This year, we have more programming than ever, throughout all of Thursday, April 12 (8am – 6pm!) at the Violet Crown. Tickets are still available – to badge holders, this event is covered by your pass. Be sure to register through our Sched app. Check out our #AMLCville homepage for the lineup of speakers, represented companies, and topics!

Quick Tips

  1. Registering Yourself: Registering for a talk on the Sched website or app helps us gauge how many people plan to attend each block of talks, but does not guarantee you a seat. Seating will be first-come, first-served to each theater for ticketed attendees.

  1. Bring Your Ticket: When you arrive at the Downtown Mall bright and early on Thursday morning, be sure to have your ticket out and ready, on your phone or printed and in your hand, before entering the Violet Crown!

  1. Deciding What to See: If you’re just curious about data science, and you aren’t sure which talks to attend, stick with the “General Interest/Introductory” track (in Theater 5). That will give you the widest variety of topics at a less advanced level than the presentations on the other tracks. On the other hand, if you’re interested in specific tracks such as Natural Language Processing, Healthcare, Computer Vision, or Geospatial machine learning, look for those topic blocks in the “Industry-Specific” tracks on the AMLC Schedule.

  1. See all Speakers! The schedule is designed in blocks of talks with occasional all-theater breaks so attendees can switch theaters without interrupting speakers. It is technically possible to switch theaters mid-block, but we’re hoping to minimize the number of times people need to move, and some talks are scheduled back-to-back without breaks in between, so plan accordingly!

  1. Be Mindful: If you plan to stick with one theater for a block of time, please sit near the center of the theater if possible, so people who are switching theaters or arriving late can easily get in and out of the ends of the aisles without causing too much disruption.

  1. Streaming & Recording: Keynotes will be streamed to all theaters, so you can watch each keynote from the theater you want to be in for the talk after it. This is especially important for Keynote 2, which doesn’t have a theater-switching break afterwards. We plan to record all talks, so if you have to miss one, don’t worry: you’ll be able to watch it later. Prioritize attending talks you want to see live or during which you may want to ask a question.


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