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At the Tom Tom Festival

April 17-20, 2024 

Charlottesville, VA

Creating a future we can all believe in.

During the Tom Tom Festival, our TOGETHER Conference convenes engaged citizen leaders from all sectors and neighborhoods to talk about the future of the community. 

Three immersive tracks tackle some of the most important questions of the day with leading thinkers while leaving space for pause, self-reflection, and connection that allow for deeper relating and collaboration. 

We believe connection and collaboration are essential for a thriving Charlottesville -- be a part of creating that future.  

Introducing the 



Have an idea you’d like to see explored at the conference? Sign up and share it with the community! Whether it’s a workshop, panel, dialogue, keynote or interactive experience, we want to hear your take! We’ll collaborate to bring it to the main stage.


We’re excited to bring new voices to these critical conversations in the tracks, Conscious City, Technology for Good, and Society & Justice. 


Not your average conference.

This is a conference about connection; the power of synchronicity, and the untapped potential between cross-sector leaders. 

Our campus is Charlottesville’s iconic pedestrian Downtown Mall. Our conference journey takes us to grand theaters, galleries, tech incubators,  restaurants, social clubs, public parks, and of course, the red bricks of the Mall. 


You will experience panels, keynotes, workshops, and seminars, alongside facilitated conversation, meditations, and embodiment experiences. 


Whether you’re coming to elevate consciousness, learn about the latest technologies, or help build a more just Charlottesville, prepare to deepen your connection to Self and your community. 


What makes us a healthy, mindful, and connected community?

This conference takes us on an intellectual and experiential journey through healing. We’ll explore a variety of proven ways we can heal ourselves and increase our awareness and happiness—from meditation and mindfulness to plant medicines and guided practices such as counseling, yoga, energy healing, hypnosis, and more. Along the way, we will explore ideas about what is meant by “consciousness” and how you can meaningfully increase joy and fulfillment in your day-to-day and truly flourish. 

Conscious City
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How can we increase opportunity

through technology and entrepreneurship?

This conference is a state of the union for Charlottesville Tech, bringing together individuals from various sectors including biotechnology, energy, data, and AI. We will learn how these local innovators are driving global change. Whether you're looking for insights into some of the most relevant global trends, the ethics around data and AI, or some of the hottest emerging Charlottesville companies, this is a conference that you’ll learn, connect, and truly become inspired by.

Tech for Goo
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What creates a welcoming and equitable community 
with a shared vision for the future?

The Together conference concludes by zooming out on the systems of our society. This day will feature critical conversations around criminal justice reform, art and culture, financial access and empowerment, and early childhood education. It is a sustained look at the ways in which the structures and resources of our community can be brought together to assist everyone and establish a shared conversation for the future. 




This event is produced by the Tom Tom Foundation, a 501(c)3 that champions innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in tomorrow’s cities.

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