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Wednesday, April 17

8am - 9pm


Embrace evolution with technology…for good.

Charlottesville’s technology sector is one of the region’s most vibrant areas of economic opportunity and a source of global innovation and ideas. Our 2023 conference provided a state of the union for Charlottesville Tech, bringing together various sectors including biotechnology, energy, data, and AI. We learned how local innovators are driving global change and the role of diversity in ensuring that multiple voices are shaping decisions.

Building upon last year’s foundation, TFG 2024 moves into the next chapter of our growing tech ecosystem. Through a combination of panels, lightning talks from experts leading the way, and hands-on workshops, we’ll explore the intersections of technology and climate, education, health and wellness, and how we can work together with other entrepreneurial hubs nearby.

You’ll walk away informed, inspired and connected.


Featured Speakers:


Agenda Overview:

8:00 AM -  Coffee

9:00 AM - Welcome Session

9:30 AM - Sessions 2—4

10:30 AM - Sessions 5—7

12:00 PM - Lunch Break

2:00 PM - Sessions 8—10

3:30 PM - Sessions 11—12

6:00 PM - Tech Mixer

Conference venues on the historic pedestrian Mall include the CODE Building, Common House, the Bradbury, and Vault Virginia.


Session Overview:

The AI Economy

Women On The Rise

Ethical AI

Data for Social Impact



Regional Ecosystems

And MORE...



Your badge includes all coffees, mixers, and sessions.

Check out the full TOGETHER Conference experience!


Showcase your innovative and inspiring startup! Lightning talk sessions will dive into the promise of new technologies, and the transformational possibilities they represent. Join us! If you are part of a company that is 5 years old or less, and that embraces novel business concepts in a variety of fields and industries, please fill out the application below. Following each session, there will be time for mixing and networking with angel and institutional investors.


Come out for a cocktail and meet the movers and shakers in Charlottesville’s tech scene! For this annual celebration at the Tom Tom Festival, we will especially toast the Startups, the Founders, Founding Teams, and Investors of emerging powerhouses in the region.

All night long in the historic marble atrium of the Bradbury and Vault Virginia, we’ll groove to DJ FlatlineLay and other special guests and set the vibes for connections. At 8PM, a special champagne toast will occur.

Whether you're biotech, software, energy, data, defense, AI, or technology, this toast goes to everyone fueling the growth of Charlottesville as a startup mecca!


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