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Pitch Night

Wednesday, April 17 

7:00pm - 8:30pm

The CODE Building

Eleven local entrepreneurs pitch to a live audience willing to pledge funds to their favorite contestant. It’s a three minute chance to share your vision with the community and inspire the crowd to action!


2024 Finalists Announced!



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This is a crowdfunded pitch! This is your chance to reach out to friends, family, colleagues and supporters and get their help. 

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Each finalist has the opportunity to raise funds both before and during the pitch night. ALL donations intended for a startup or project will go to that startup! Before the pitch night, there will be a donation portal open to contribute toward a project, and at the pitch night, the audience can purchase votes to support the projects that most inspire them. ALL monies intended for a startup will go to that startup. 

In addition to the crowdfunded support, the Community Investment Collaborate (CIC) will sponsor a grand prize winner to receive a max $5,000. Winner will be selected by a panel of judges. Additional prizes and support services from CIC and other local business owners may also be awarded. 

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“Tom Tom’s Crowdfunded Pitch Night was amazing. I was so grateful to share my brand and story with the community, at large and beyond. I am so appreciative of this opportunity and the connections that were built in and out of the room. The environment that Tom Tom and CIC created really supports small businesses. Everyone walks away a winner and it’s a boost of confidence to see your community believing in your mission - It’s beautiful,"

- Janasha Bradford (Mahogany and Friends), Winner of the Grand Prize (2023)

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"We are always excited to host the Crowdfunded Pitch Night!  It has become a resident favorite among the CIC team, clients, and community, as it places entrepreneurship front and center in a creative and impactful way.  We're grateful for the continued partnership with the Tom Tom Festival and are looking forward to seeing what year 11 has to offer." 


- Stephen Davis, President of CIC. 

CIC celebrated its 10th anniversary along with the Tom Tom Festival in 2022, has over 550 graduates from its 16-week Entrepreneur Workshop and has issued more than $4 million to over 205 entrepreneurs through its microloan program. Learn more about CIC at


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