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10th Annual Tom Tom 


April 20-24, 2022

10 Years of Highlights


A Decade of Building Tomorrow’s Communities

From our premier Summit and Festivals each April in Charlottesville VA, to dozens of events throughout the year, we are storytellers about the future of our cities, starting with our own. Even while COVID rocked the world and shuttered events, we looked to find new avenues for impact. Our mission is quite simple; connect communities around big ideas, envision the future together, and share solutions to make it happen.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our Foundation—your contribution allows us to continue to produce critical conversations impacting our community. Consider becoming a sustaining member today.


Virtual Series

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Changemakers from around the world participated in these impactful sessions; bringing their own experiences, stories, and solutions to the table to share and create sound solutions for community recovery and rebuilding after COVID-19. 

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Leaders and impact makers from across the nation participated in conversations about establishing effective and equitable cannabis reform not only at the 2021 Virginia General Assembly session but in communities across the nation.


These illuminating discussions, showcased the personal and interpersonal relationships to the issue while exposing the systemic barriers creating obstacles across communities.

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Exposed, a virtual event series built in collaboration with the United Way of Greater Charlottesville gathered more than 1700 participants over the course of a 7-week series that highlighted inequities revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as local partnerships and programs that can help address them.

The result?


100% of survey respondents feel more empowered to enact change in their community after the sessions they attended.