UVA Alumni Returning to Cville for Tom Tom

by Tom Tom Staff

UVA Connection

Tom Tom 2018 will welcome over 200 speakers to Charlottesville, VA, including a number of notable University of Virginia alumni.

University if Virginia’s presence is Charlottesville is undeniable, and arguably essential to the ebb and flow of life in the city. As a Founding Partner, UVA has had a positive influence and impact on the birth and growth of Tom Tom Founders Festival. In helping oversee, helm, and cohost programs, we have seen success in our partnership endeavors. Each year, we are pleased to have given a platform and stage to some of the distinguished alumni who have become incredible innovators since graduating from UVA.

This year is no exception.

Below you’ll find a number of UVA alumni who, in some cases, are returning to Charlottesville for the first time since they were last seen here in a cap and gown. They will be joining an all-star lineup of amazing innovators, including several current UVA faculty and figures.

The diverse group is made up of impressive individuals who have spearheaded their campaigns and careers with courage and conviction in order to see their dreams realized and better the world, one step at a time.

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UVA Alumni Speakers & Presenters

Katie Appel Duda

Katie Appel Duda, Director of Government Innovation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

  1. 2018 Mayors Challenge” // 2:00-3:10pm, Thursday (4/12), The Paramount Ballroom

Ross Baird, Co-Founder and President, Village Capital

  1. How Ready for Funding Are You?” // 10:30-11:40am, Thursday (4/12), Vault Virginia

  2. Fighting Inequality with Finance” // 2:00-3:10pm, Thursday (4/12), Jefferson Theater

Brett Bohl, Managing Director, Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

  1. Fueling the Next Wage: Food Incubators” // 10:30-11:40am, Friday (4/13), Vault Virginia

  2. “Growth Hacking” // 3:30-4:40pm, Friday (4/13), Second Street Gallery

Mark Brzezinski, Managing Director, Makena Capital Management, former

Steve Huffman


  1. Host: “Founding Stories” // 9:00-5:00pm, Friday (4/13), The Paramount Theater

Steve Gibson, CFO, The Washington Post

  1. The Future of Journalism” // 2:00-3:10pm, Friday (4/13), Vault Virginia

Steve Huffman, Cofounder and CEO, Reddit

  1. American Evolution Innovators Cup” // 6:00-8:00pm, Thursday (4/12), Jefferson Theater

  2. “Students and Startups” // 12:00-1:40pm, Friday (4/13), Brasserie Saison

  3. Vision: From Success to Scale” // 2:00-3:10pm, Friday (4/13), The Paramount Theater

Peter Jackson, Portfolio Director, IDEO San Francisco

Manning Brothers

  1. Fighting Inequality with Finance” // 2:00-3:10pm, Thursday (4/12), Jefferson Theater

  2. Designing Products with Purpose” // 3:30-4:40pm, Thursday (4/12), Vault Virginia

  3. UX for Public Service” // 2:00-3:10pm, Friday (4/13), Vault Virginia

Melody Koh, Venture Partner, NextView Ventures

  1. Data and Trends for Ecosystem Developers” // 3:30-4:40pm, Thursday (4/12), Vault Virginia

Bryan and Bradford Manning, Cofounders Two Blind Brothers

Leland Melvin