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Our Community Partner Program is OPEN: Apply Today!

Round 2 Applications Deadline: 1/31/24

Freddy Jackson of the LoveNoEgo Foundation leading a sunrise meditation at the Ragged Mountain reservoir.

We need YOU...

to co-create this Festival

Each year, we send out an invitation to the Charlottesville community (and beyond) to be a part of the creation of the Tom Tom Festival. Please consider this your invitation to help tell our community's story at a city-wide celebration in April.

Since the beginning -- nearly 12 years ago! -- we've teamed up with local organizations, businesses, and passionate individuals through our Community Partner Program. We've co-created workshops, lectures, meetups, open houses, and dance parties. And we've come together at friendly competitions, performances, and sunrise meditations (like the one pictured above with Freddy Jackson of the LoveNoEgo Foundation).

Our Community Partner Program is an essential part of the Tom Tom experience, because our Partners tell stories that need to be heard, and that only they can tell.

Last year, our Partners took us to public parks, local jails, galleries, theaters, nature preserves, and community centers. They are places that we call home, and that we cherish. Sometimes they are places where we need to pay more attention.

Our Community Partners highlight important work and unsung heroes, or even give a taste of vibrant cultural experiences. There were dozens of these events in 2023, and they each provided a unique lens into our community.

The Tom Tom Festival is a time where everyone in the community comes together to talk, dream and imagine the Future.

This April, Come showcase what you're dreaming up, working on, innovating and launching! Let's put the megaphone in your hand and share your vision for Charlottesville.

We provide a platform, you tell the story of TOGETHER

So you want to get involved and share your story? Great!

Past Community Partner Events have had a wide range of formats: from workshops and lectures, to meetups, open houses, and friendly competitions.

The main thing we ask is that you create an event that fits into the 2024 Festival theme, TOGETHER, and that speaks to our interconnection and shared future. Use this as a moment to get us thinking. Get us feeling. Get us in our bodies and in our hearts. Bring us together as a community.

If the event can feature collaboration between two or more organizations, then that is even better, because it speaks to collaboration that lasts well beyond our Festival in April. Tom Tom is a moment when working together can be fun -- we’re all putting on this party! These collaborations can sometimes set the stage for intentional relationship building that is long-lasting and meaningful.

The first round of applications will close October 14. Round 2 will be open from Dec 5, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

Join a Community Interest Meeting!

If you want to learn more, or brainstorm an idea you may already have, we’d love to talk with you. We welcome all ideas, and will support you along the way.

One place to start would be to attend one of our Community Interest Meeting to learn more about our Partner Program and Tom Tom 2024.


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