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Crowdfunded Pitch Night Finalists Announced!

by Tom Tom Staff

Join us on Wednesday, April 11th at The Jefferson Theater from 7pm to hear the pitches of local entrepreneurs vying for your votes – and ultimately, for the chance to realize their dreams for the community. See the ten finalists below, and start being inspired by these dreamers! Every vote counts, and to one of these lucky finalists, it will award them a cash pool and a chance at a mentorship with Community Investment Collaborative or UVA’s i.Lab!

i.Lab is awarding Summit Badges to all finalists and those who submitted pitches. We are thankful for their support, and to the community for continuing to show up and make this night an unforgettable night of high stakes competition!

Meet the Finalists

2018 Winner - Yash Tekriwal, Satellite

Satellite is a part-time and completely remote summer program for students who want to learn how to become innovators. Over 12-weeks, students go through training bootcamp where they learn the basics of rapid development, marketing, data science, web design, and software engineering.

Jenee Libby, EDACIOUS

Edacious attempts to bridge that gap, to create connection and strengthen community; to get people off of Instagram and to the table to connect with other food enthusiasts. This is a podcast for enthusiasts, chefs, producers and purveyors, as well as anyone ravenous about food in their region.

Van Hatchell, RecruitRef LLC

Due to disproportionate amounts of athletic scholarships available, some student athletes never get their moment to shine. This site allows users to create profiles to be recruited - giving athletes visibility in process that they previously didn’t have, as NCAA rules restrict coaches from directly responding to athletes until late in their high school careers.

Airea Garland, Just Us Girls

This service provides young girls their basic monthly necessities, while also including products that assist in the process of self-care, self-acceptance, and self-discovery . Newsletters included will contain stories based off true to life experiences, along with fun activities and quotes to release negative and create positive energy.

Cordell Fortune, Whipped Cream LLC

The line of homemade, high quality skin care products are what need to fill bathroom and bedroom cabinets and drawers across the country. The wide range of accessible products are critical for all demographics and skin and hair types, with great health benefits.

Bennett Reck, RIPE Gelato

RIPE is a non-dairy, avocado-based gelato made with unrefined ingredients. Each pint delivers 12 grams of plant-based protein & 360 calories, plus intense superfoods & healthy fats-- because we getting the good stuff should mean losing the good for you!

Lu Jiang, The Rocketry Empire

Charlottesville is a "rocketery booming town," and the Empire harnesses the talented youth in science and engineering, including those who have already been to NASA for programs. It would launch multiple programs to teach and facilitate students in learning mechanics, physics, and electrical concepts.

James Culmer, Blessed with Words

The mission is to inspire and empower individuals when they see their words in print - creating and churning desire to write, and guide them towards their literary goals.

Jessica Kiley, Blue Ridge Forest School

A neighborhood outdoor school program allows children the opportunity to play in the richest classroom of all. Program would incorporate critical-thinking skills, math, social, imaginative, risk management, and empower them to be active learners.

Seth Herman & Erin James, High Tor

Our mission is to provide environmentally responsible buying options for outdoor gear and clothing. We support local individuals, businesses, and nonprofits who are stewards of the environment and advocates of outdoor exploration.


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