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Announcing the 2018 Crowdfunded Pitch Night Winner!

Congratulations to our 2018 winner, Satellite Bootcamp! Crowdfunded Pitch Night drew in wide audiences of locals who were keen to see the finalists pitch their business ideas and vie for support from the community. Ripe Gelato took home the coveted opportunity to be part of the CIC Entrepreneur Workshop, and Whipped Cream LLC was awarded a spot at UVA’s i.Lab incubator program.

Audience Pick: Satellite

Yash Terkiwal is the founder of Satellite; he took home the total cash pool of funding raised by attendees to Crowdfunded Pitch Night!

Satellite Bootcamp Satellite is a part-time and completely remote summer program for students who want to learn how to become innovators. Over 12-weeks, students go through training bootcamp where they learn the basics of rapid development, marketing, data science, web design, and software engineering.

Community Investment Collaborative Pick: Ripe Gelato

The CIC Workshop is a remarkable, signature program that acts as a hands-on course to enable entrepreneurs to see through their concept and develop a viable plan to launch and grow their business. It is a 16-week, high-intensity course that involves discussions, case studies, and applied learning activities centered on your idea.

Ripe Gelato RIPE is a non-dairy, avocado-based gelato made with unrefined ingredients. Each pint delivers 12 grams of plant-based protein & 360 calories, plus intense superfoods & healthy fats– because we getting the good stuff should mean losing the good for you!

University of Virginia i.Lab Pick: Whipped Cream LLC

The UVA i.Lab program “supports the development and growth of promising seed and early-stage business ventures.” The program aims to provide budding entrepreneurs with staff, faculty support, a place for their office, legal and technical expertise.

Whipped Cream LLC The line of homemade, high quality skin care products are what need to fill bathroom and bedroom cabinets and drawers across the country. The wide range of accessible products are critical for all demographics and skin and hair types, with great health benefits.

Crowdfunded Pitch Night

Ten finalists competed for the audience’s attention and supportive funding to fuel their dreams and help make their businesses become a reality to benefit the community of Charlottesville.

Past Winners Darden duo 1Degree took home thousands in a cash prize, along with the opportunity to participate in incubator programs that helped their business establish a foundation. Previous winners have become fixations in the community, including 2015 winner Carolyn Schuyler’s Wildrock natural playground for kids.







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