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PARADISE - A Hip Hop & Afro House Fashion Gala



The theme of the 12th Annual Tom Tom Festival is TOGETHER and it’s all about our interconnection and shared future. In partnership with FUN Cville, we’ll be heading to Common House for a multi-level dance party. So get your vibes set, and grab your friends! For PARADISE, we’ll be supporting local fashion designers highlighting the best street fare and fabulous fashion.


::::::: LOOKS :::::::::


::::::: SOUNDS :::::::::


DJ Immaculate (9 PM) - aka Sir Sean Ayers originally hails from Maryland but currently resides in the beautiful city of Charlottesville. He got into djing five years ago because of his love of music and fascination with figuring out how things work. Ultimately, he loves to see the joy and happiness that his music brings people. SOUNDCLOUD 

DJ RUNWAY (11 PM) — aka Mr. Nick is a native of Charlottesville, Va. Already known as one of Charlottesville’s established event promoters, Runway decided to turn his talents towards turntables and his name has been catching buzz in Central Virginia’s schools, corporate, and nightlife events ever since.

FLOOR 2 (Afro House)

DJ PEEACE (9 PM) A second-generation DJ, peeace. inherits a love of musical exploration and a musical palette that knows no bounds. Inspired by the sounds created by a diverse community of black musical pioneers of the past and present, peeace.’s sets display their appreciation for regional bounce music, the hypnotic and repetitive melodies of house, the passion of funk and afrobeat, the diverse genre of rap, and the heartfelt expressions of R & B and soul. Their passion for music transcends genres, embracing the myriad of expressions found within the diaspora's musical landscape. With a love for curating sonic journeys, peeace. crafts immersive sets and soundscapes that transport listeners to realms where dance and music appreciation intertwine. SOUNDCLOUD

XII GALAXIES (11 PM)— Since early 2000’s, Brendan Wypich, aka XII Galaxies, has been elevating dance floors across North America. He spent his formative years as a student of electronic music in the 90’s rave scene, and began his own musical pursuits as a trumpet player, vocalist, and turntablist in a 12-piece soul-funk band. XII's love of lush instrumentals, soulful vocals and playful rhythms shine through in his DJ sets. Deep House to Techno, World Music to Nu Disco. Delta to Gamma. Heart opening and mind expansive. Based in Charlottesville, XII is dedicated to the evolution of his community’s electronic music scene, collaborating with FUN Cville, Sun/Sets, and the local Burningman community. SOUNDCLOUD

::::::: FASHION SHOWCASE :::::::::

At 11 pm on the Hip Hop Stage, we’ll be joined by models and designers displaying top local looks. Featuring Looks from D.R.E.A.M. Clothing by Jamar Pierre-Louis & SVN7VII BRAND by Shadee Gilliam.


::::::: TICKETS :::::::::

21+ | Cash Bar | Mocktails Available


::::::: VALUES :::::::::

This is a party about love and creative expression.

We have a safe spaces policy that we enforce so that everyone is respected.

Consent and community are top priorities.

Read FUN’s Values Statement


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::::::: GENERAL :::::::::

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