A conversation series connecting tomorrow's leaders

These conversations start with the premise, community begins with each of us; friends and neighbors who get to know each other and build trust. Each conversation features a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, nonprofit and civic leaders, journalists, educators, and community organizers, but the Tomorrow’s Charlottesville series is not about anyone’s resume. We gather for a unique, facilitated conversation designed to make connections and inspire new collaborations.


Thur. Dec 1 

Criminal Justice Reform

Tues. Dec 6

Conscious Cities

Thur. Dec 8

Technology & Impact

Tues. Dec 13


Wed. Jan 25


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The Flow

Each conversation is between 25-100 participants. Sessions on “Community” are 2 hours and begin with flash introductions, followed by facilitated large-group dialogues and multiple small-group breakouts to connect more deeply. Other conversations which are topical or industry specific may last up to 4 hours, with a portion of that time dedicated to problem solving, practical “next steps” or mutual aid presentations.



These conversations are deliberately not focused on your resume. They are not structured around a panel of “experts.” Rather, they connect everyone attending and elevate those in the room. Great ideas may emerge, but the biggest take-away is a new set of relationships with other changemakers.

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At the close of every conversation, each participant agrees to take someone they met out to coffee as a way to learn more and dig deeper. For the topical conversations, the mutual aid presentations result in a whole new cadre of allies and supporters actively building up new ideas.

Sign me up!

If you’d like to participate, please read the “rules of engagement” and fill out this application form. It helps us to coordinate groups and keep a diverse mix of professions, industries, backgrounds, and outlooks.

Rules of Engagement

Each conversation has the following agreements:



I will be on time


I will be present (ie. no phones)


I am here for relationships, not “networking”


What is shared is confidential and not for attribution. 


I will take (at least) one person I meet out for coffee.