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Tomorrow Talks | She Believes, She Achieves: A Workshop for Women's Financial Independence

Thursday, February 29th | 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tom Tom Foundation, 100 W. South St

This is a workshop about empowerment through essential financial knowledge, skills, and communication. Dr. Tamara Dias and Aqura Nicholson, will demonstrate the necessary steps to increase earning potential and gain economic independence.

Women, and particularly women of color, are overrepresented in low-wage occupations and are significantly more likely to make less than $15 per hour. Despite this, women of color, especially Black women, are often the breadwinners of their households.

Participants will learn a formula to apply to their own financial practices, advocate for earning more, and increase their financial impact. By approaching the conversation around money from a place of confidence, rather than fear, the workshop will dispel taboos and allow families to address their finances together.

Building this financial confidence and literacy creates an opportunity to not only improve overall well-being but also challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity in financial sectors. Ultimately, this workshop can create a conversation around fostering positive change and a more equitable financial landscape, especially for women of color.

All tickets are donation based on a sliding scale ($15 - $35). Please pay what you can to support the series.


Dr. Tamara Wilkerson is the founder of Good Soil Education, focusing on empowering people to transform their financial health. She is the executive director of the African American Teaching Fellows and a certified financial social worker and adult learning specialist. Dr. Dias, a two-time graduate of the University of Virginia with degrees in Spanish Linguistics and Philology, and Foreign Language Education, also holds a doctorate in Leadership from Morgan State University. Dr. Dias also serves on the Tom Tom Foundation’s Advisory Board.

Aqura Nicholson is a money coach who helps women professionals earn more money. Aqura believes when women prioritize earning more, their debt payoff, saving and investing goals will fall in line. With over three years of experience helping women shift their focus from cutting expenses to earning more money, Aqura has helped her clients increase their income, pay off debt with freedom, take dream vacations, save consistently and max out their retirement accounts.

Paul Beyer is the founder of the Tom Tom Foundation and Tom Tom Festival, and in his role as executive director, is responsible for its strategic vision and community partnerships. Beyond Tom Tom, Paul works on a variety of gatherings and events ranging from festivals, dance parties, dinner series, meditations, men's groups, conferences, seminars, and concerts.


Good Soil Education, led by visionary founder Dr. Tamara W. Dias, is on a mission to transform the financial health of families and communities through conversation, education, and application. The organization is committed to ensuring that families are never surprised by their financial standing or economic circumstances. Good Soil believes that, with support, everyone can prepare themselves for a financially fit future. The journey starts with a conversation that leads to education, application, and, ultimately, changed lives.


This year-long series picks up critical themes from our April Festival and continues the conversations to create an impact in Charlottesville. Each Tomorrow Talk session is facilitated with an emphasis on participation, connection, and new collaborations.

Tomorrow Talks begin with a connection exercise or meditation and proceed into a presentation and breakout activities. They aim to impart knowledge that is practical and relevant to people's lived experience; combining academic or theoretical insights, alongside pragmatic tools, and experiential and somatic learnings.


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