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Welcome to Tom Tom’s Mobile App!

A seamless ticketing system for all badge holders that opens up your Tom Tom experience!


Introducing the Tom Tom App

This year navigating Tom Tom’s hundreds of sessions will be easy with the improved Tom Tom App. Alongside a new master registration platform, Sched, which integrates with the Eventbrite ticketing platform, you’ll be able to build custom schedules, share them with your friends, meet other attendees, and review your sessions, among many other things.

With the App, everything syncs on your mobile device, and your own personal Sched will be right at your fingertips, which will come in handy during the Festival and Summits.


The Sched & Eventbrite Connection

You may have purchased a badge, an individual ticket, or even the Free Festival pass. If so, you likely did it through Eventbrite. All Eventbrite orders come with an email from Sched prompting you to create an account and start the registration process.


Building your schedule!

Sched is our official Scheduling Platform. You can create a personalized schedule, share it with your friends, and sync it to your calendar. Having a Conference, All Access or Patron Badge grants you access to an amazing array of programming — workshops, keynotes, receptions, and more! In order to explore all that you can access, we encourage you to browse through all of our programming on SchedPlease note: You do NOT need to use Sched to reserve your seat in a session. All sessions begin seating 10 minutes prior to start time and are seated to capacity. All headliners and keynotes have reserved seating for Patrons, and preferential access is given to smaller rooms that frequently reach capacity. 


10 Reason Why You Should Use Sched

1. Sched is our official Tom Tom Scheduling App New programs, important changes and updates, and exciting announcements will be released in Sched! Sched is the BEST place to find the latest on programs, speakers, and events! .

2. Easy to use Simply login with the same email used to purchase your ticket, then view and begin making your schedule! Confused about what your ticket or badge gets you? Don’t worry – Sched lets you know what you can see, allows for ticket upgrades without ever leaving the site! Even register on Sched for your complimentary festival pass, and unlock all of the April fun! .

3. See your friends’ schedules We believe the best part about Tom Tom is making memories with your friends and family. Now you can share and view each others’ schedules and abandon that convoluted group message and make decisions together with confidence by checking out the sessions you are all attending. .

4. View speaker profiles Wait, when is my favorite speaker presenting? Where? Help! Sched has the answer: just click their profile and you can see all of their programs, conveniently compiled just for you – it’s like Sched knows you, or something! .

5. Living in 140 characters? Sched integrates a Twitter feed on every page. Keep up-to-date with the many announcements Tom Tom has and follow all of the buss surrounding the Festival and Summits – fun-sized! .

6. Calendar syncing Faced with the daunting task of copying your event dates to your physical calendar? We’ve got you covered. Sched will keep your Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple iCal synced with your event updates, automatically! Breathe that sigh of relief. Be the first to know about programming changes, new speakers, and wait lists opening up! .


8. Event reminders Sched is your personal digital assistant you didn’t know you needed. Enable push notifications for instant reminders and alerts, and make your life easier! Have on what amazing, not-to-miss programming is coming up after a long night at the Silent Disco? Sched will keep you on your toes with the daily reminders of all of the great events you have to look forward to each day; but only if you have added them to your Schedule!.

9. Map of events All of the venues are Geo-Tagged in Sched, meaning that navigating the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville just got a whole lot easier – which is saying something when you consider that Tom Tom is housed in over 50 locations this year!.

10. Filters, filters, filters! Need to see all of the events included in your badge? Use the filter system to selectively view your badge events! How about seeing what’s going on at The Paramount Theater? Filter by location! Want to only see our Free Programming? Filter it! Or to see what’s happening on Thursday? We’ve got – you guessed it – a filter for that, too! .

But don’t let us keep convincing you – because we could go all day with giving recommendations and listing perks of the Sched page and app. We suggest you give it a whirl, and see for yourself!



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