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Watch: Boyd Tinsley to give free concert

Published on Newsplex

The Tom Tom Founders Festival announced Monday that Boyd Tinsley will be giving a free concert at the Paramount Theater.

Tinsley is one of the founding members of the Dave Matthews Band and is considered one of Charlottesville most acclaimed musicians.

The April 12 concert will offer an introduction to one of his new projects, Crystal Garden, featuring Mycle Wastman, Matt Frewen, James Frost-Winn and Charlie Csontos.

The group’s debut release will also feature Tinsley and special guest Stanley Jordan.

“Everyone gives back in Charlottesville. It’s what we do here. For me, it’s important to be thinking about the up-and-comers, and who will be making the next great rock songs,” said Tinsley. “Crystal Garden was my brainchild. I helped assembly these great musicians and together, they’ve become a great band. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce Crystal Garden to Charlottesville and play with them at the Paramount.”

While the concert is free to attend, seating is limited, and attendees are urged to sign up online for a free ticket.


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