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Untold Stories in Charlottesville: A Screening and Conversation with Local Filmmakers

Charlottesville-based visionaries share and discuss original films 3rd Street and A Legacy Unbroken

Tuesday April 9, 6:00pm

Vinegar Hill Theater

Free Admission


Local filmmakers Lorenzo Dickerson and Tanesha Hudson have made it their mission to shine a light on Charlottesville’s complex history. In doing so, they have taken on the stories scarcely told—and, in many ways, nearly forgotten. Their art is a call for equity and racial justice in our city, today and every day thereafter. At this free screening, learn how both self-taught filmmakers apply their passion and extensive community knowledge to their craft. Check out this trailer of their work:


About the Films 

Lorenzo Dickerson’s “3rd Street”

Learn more and donate to support the completion of the film.

Tanesha Hudson’s “A Legacy Unbroken”

This film demonstrates the excellence of Charlottesville’s black community and how they work daily to preserve a legacy. 

Filmmaker Tanesha Hudson shows the continuous successes of the black community in Charlottesville, which has been present since the 1800s. Meet the black business owners, generations of family, and everyday citizens who continue to live their lives in Charlottesville, in the face of racism.

Learn more and donate to support the completion of the film.

Note: This post’s featured image depicts Eddie Harris—the founder of Vinegar Hill Magazine. Photo courtesy: Lorenzo Dickerson



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