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Trend Setters at Tom Tom 2018

by: Tom Tom Staff

Join the entrepreneurs, exexcutives, and civic leaders driving the national conversation this April in Charlottesville

The seventh annual Tom Tom will foster the creative intersections, cross-pollination, and moments of discovery necessary to start big things. This April, join an expansive national conversation around creative founding through a week of talks, concerts, workshops, panels and installations, and connect with some of the leaders who will define the future.

We’d like to share more with you about our Hometown Summit and Founders Summit, which are exploring the civic and entrepreneurial innovators shaping our cities. New this year, both Summits will explore eight key industries of the future: Food, Energy, Health, Social Impact, Investment, Design, Media, and Machine Learning & Data. These tracks will feature broad keynotes, industry deep-dives, and boutique networking.

Tom Tom is an opportunity to raise your profile, recruit top talent, connect with future collaborators, and sometimes just have a great time. Schedule a conversation with us to create a customized experience for your team.

Talk to Our Team

Help us tell the story of Charlottesville as an entrepreneurial and cultural hub. 

The city that we all love is a home to passionate thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators who seek to create a better future for all members of our society. Part of Tom Tom’s impact is that it engages the national stories that are shaping industries, but in doing so it highlights the innovative work happening here in Charlottesville on a daily basis.

Highlights from 2017

In 2017, Tom Tom hosted 58,925 program attendees across the Spring and Fall Festival. Our stages showcased 396 speakers from 70 cities and over 80 bands ranging from blue grass to r&b. Dozens of venues throughout the historic downtown celebrated local makers, national trend-setters, farm-to-table excellence, and artistic possibility.

It’s the best week to be in Charlottesville. 

Help us tell Charlottesville’s story today!

400 Speakers at 2 Summits Expert Panels & Keynotes Luncheons & Mixers

8 Keynote Talks Over a Dozen Workshops Giant Tech Mixer

3 Innovation Competitions Cash Prizes and Grants Crowd-funded & Judges Chocie


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