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Tom Tom Fest’s “Buffalo Bash” Fosters Collaboration

A benefit show brought together town and gown to raise money for the Tom Tom Festival.

Eight acts performed at Friday night’s Buffalo Bash. The show raised money for the Tom Tom Founders Festival, which runs April 13-19. It took place at UVa’s McLeod Hall in Charlottesville.

UVa students organized the night with the goal of bringing students and Charlottesville locals together for musical collaborations, and in the spirit of Tom Tom’s goal of innovation.

“The students were excited to get pumped up for the spring,” said Tom Tom Festival director Paul Beyer. “So, they put together this whole variety show with some of the great people in the community, and then all the student performers, and this was just something that kinda came about from students,” said Tom Tom Festival director Paul Beyer.

After the performance, the night continued with a bar night at Boylan Heights.

Tom Tom also unveiled some of the musical acts at its April festival on Friday night. You can see the scheduled shows on Tom Tom’s music page.


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