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Systems-Level Change in Our Community: The Renewal of Friendship Court

July 29, 2020 | 4pm

Featured Speakers:

Charlene Green

Deputy Director, Piedmont Housing Alliance

Sunshine Mathon

Executive Director, Piedmont Housing Alliance

In collaboration with our long-time community partners, United Way of Greater Charlottesville, Tom Tom hosted a series of virtual conversations for a weekly exploration into the numerous inequities revealed by Covid-19. Each week, we challenged one another to attempt to answer the critical questions: how did we get here, and where do we go from here?

COVID-19 has revealed a host of inequities throughout our hometown by exposing systemic issues that continue to plague specific communities. Through the lens of the Renewal of Friendship Court, Charlene Green, Deputy Director, Piedmont Housing Alliance, and Sunshine Mathon, Executive Director, Piedmont Housing Alliance explained how income and cultural integration can redefine how we view community. By welcoming new community members at a range of incomes, in addition to adding critically needed affordable units to the community at an ideal location, residents are hoping to erode past stigma of public perception while maintaining cultural identity and a sense of home which has been true by so many.

Learn more about this unprecedented project here.

Watch the full conversation below:


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