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Society & Justice at the FUTURE FORWARD Conference

What creates a welcoming and equitable community

with a shared vision for the future?

​The Society & Justice Track at the FUTURE FORWARD Conference is a pay-what-you-can experience designed to bring the educators, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and non profit leaders of Charlottesville (and beyond) together. The conference will occur on Friday, April 21, at the CODE Building and Common House in Downtown Charlottesville, with additional satellite sessions and events happening throughout the week.



Let’s turn conversation into action for an equitable tomorrow.

The Future Forward conference concludes by zooming out to the systems of our society. It is a sustained look at the ways in which the structures and resources of our community can be brought together to assist everyone and establish a shared conversation for the future.

​This day will feature critical conversations around criminal justice reform, art and culture, financial access and empowerment, and early childhood education.


Tomorrow Talks Sessions

Two of these sessions, “Tomorrow Talks” on Early Childhood Education with United Way of Greater Charlottesville and Financial Access & Empowerment with the Fountain Fund and Community Investment Collaborative are by invitation as they will be facilitated charrettes.

The “Tomorrow Talks” series; a yearlong Tom Tom initiative designed to connect leaders across our city. These energizing, facilitated conversations are designed to make connections, build trust, and inspire new collaborations. Each conversation features a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, nonprofit and civic leaders, educators, and community organizers. However, the series is not about anyone’s resume. It’s about friends and neighbors who get to know each other and build trust.


A Special Thanks to our Sponsors


Conference Schedule



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