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PARADISE - A Hip Hop & Afro House fundraiser for JUST HELP AFRICA



The theme of the 11th Annual Tom Tom Festival is FUTURE FORWARD—and it's all bringing many different communities together to build a brighter tomorrow.

We think dancing is a pretty big part of that!

In partnership with FUN Cville, we’ll be heading to Common House for multi-level dance parties with different genres and DJs. So get your dancing shoes, and a fun outfit, and grab your friends! Bring all the best vibes for two nights out in the community.

For PARADISE, we’ll be supporting JUST HELP AFRICA, the non-profit efforts of Tom Tom Board Member, Eze Amos, and Dance Series Hosts, Tunji Soroye & Zikki Munyao, to bring resources to their communities in Nigeria.


::::::: SPONSORS :::::::::


::::::: TOP SHOTS FROM 2022 :::::::::


::::::: SOUNDS :::::::::


FLATLINELAY is a fixture on our local dance floors, spinning Fridays on 101 Jamz, and as a longtime presence on numerous radio stations and industry events in Cville and DC. He is a member of the DJ crew Hurt City and a mentor to many local DJs.

DOUBLE U is one of central Virginia’s most popular DJs at parties and events. Hi spins on numerous radio stations and is a member of the DJ crew Hurt City.


COPA VIDA is a DJ, producer, and the founder of the Sounds of Love Collective. Combining instruments, sounds, and melodies from all over the world, Copa Vida creates one-of-a-kind experiences with each of his songs, live performances, and events. With a focus on deep and melodic house, tribal house, and downtempo, Copa Vida strives to make listeners feel something deeper within themselves. It’s no surprise Copa Vida translates to “Cup of Life.” Take a sip of what Copa has to offer.

SEAN THOMAS been organizing shows and DJing in Central Virginia for over a decade. A multi-genre artist, he enjoys playing a variety depending on current interests and hitting the right vibe of the party. A resident DJ at Common House and part of the Sounds of Love collective, in 2022 he has played at Flash (DC), SUN/SETS, and other events in Charlottesville, opening for Jimi Jules, Sabo, and others.


::::::: JUST HELP AFRICA :::::::::

Our Host Committee Members have big hearts. Part of this engagement at Tom Tom will be to highlight and elevate the work of Tunji Soroye, Zikki Munyao, & Eze Amos, and their new nonprofit, JUST HELP.

As a native Nigerian, Tunji started Just Help because he saw firsthand the difference that something considered "very little" in the US could make in his home community in Africa. Starting with a youth development program centered around basketball, JUST HELP focuses on education and providing access to clean water.


::::::: GENERAL :::::::::

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This is a party about love and creative expression.

We have a safe spaces policy that we enforce so that everyone is respected.

Consent and community are top priorities.

Read FUN’s Values Statement


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