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Our Conscious City Track at the FUTURE FORWARD Conference

What makes us a healthy, mindful, and connected community?

​The Conscious City Track at the FUTURE FORWARD Conference is a pay-what-you-can experience designed to bring the healers and healing leaders of Charlottesville (and beyond) together. The conference will occur on Wednesday, April 19, at the CODE Building and Common House in Downtown Charlottesville, with additional satellite sessions and events happening throughout the week.



Healing the Individual. Healing the Collective.

This conference takes us on an intellectual and an experiential journey through healing. We all experience suffering in our lives – physical ailments, mental stress, emotional pain, societal pressures – and it’s up to us to decide how we handle it. The process of understanding, accepting, forgiving, and ultimately healing ourselves is a lifelong journey. How can you experience wholeness and happiness on an ongoing basis?

We’ll explore a variety of proven ways we can heal ourselves and increase our awareness and happiness —from meditation and mindfulness to plant medicines (inc. psychedelics) and guided practices such as counseling, yoga, energy healing, hypnosis, and more. Along the way, we will explore ideas about what is meant by “consciousness,” whether any part of your consciousness might survive death, how to bring more awareness to all parts of your life, and how you can meaningfully increase joy and fulfillment in your day-to-day activities and truly flourish.


A Special Thanks to our Sponsors


Conference Schedule


Special Thanks to our Steering Committee

The steering committee are individuals who will help facilitate and host events during the week of Tom Tom. Each of these people is actively working in the consciousness and healing space in Charlottesville and beyond, and is helping promote a year-round conversation about a more connected community.

  • Pat Belisle, UVA Division of Perceptual Studies

  • Erin Burt, Director of Admissions, Union Presbyterian Seminary

  • Kate Byrne, Chief Growth Officer, Goodlight Capital

  • David Fife, Managing Partner, Integrated VC

  • Ginger Graham, Tom Tom Advisory Board

  • Adam Healey, CEO, Novela

  • Sam Heath, Evangelical Network - Equal Justice USA

  • Alicia Henry, Writer, Tea Poet

  • Freddy Jackson, Founder, The Love No Ego Foundation

  • Stein Kretsinger, Data Scientist & Business Advisor

  • Karolyn Kinane, UVA Contemplative Sciences

  • Alicia Lenahan, Executive Director, Common Ground

  • Alex Patterson, CEO of Ambiwasi

  • Martize Tolbert, The Fountain Fund, Peace in the Streets

  • Rissa Tutia, Program Manager, Common Ground

  • Lindsay Westra, SAP


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