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NEW in 2023: the Healing Arts Fair !

We're excited to announce Tom Tom's first ever, Healing Arts Fair. On Saturday April 22 from 1pm - 4pm, come meet practitioners, artists, and craftspeople who bring to life consciousness, community healing, healthy living, plant and alternative medicine.

The Tom Tom Healing Arts Fair, which is presented in collaboration with Common Grounds and other community supporters, is a celebration of the diversity, healing, and artistic expression of our community. The Fair will weave all the elements of the Conscious City conference (Wed 4/19) into an immersive, memorable experience.

The Healing Arts Fair is a new initiative to be held during the 11th Annual Tom Tom Festival during our Downtown Mall Block Party. The Fair will occur on the Downtown Mall and on an adjoining side street.

For the 11th Annual Tom Tom Festival, our FUTURE FORWARD theme will lead us into a dialogue on the present, and the ways that embracing mindfulness, meditation, and other healing modalities can prepare us to create a brighter tomorrow.

The Healing Arts fair weaves all the elements of the Conscious City Conference into an immersive, memorable experience, and includes several keynote presentations given throughout the afternoon by the following health and wellness specialists:

  • 1 PM | Hiromi Johnson | Tai Chi

  • 1:30 PM | Christianna Deichmann | Massage

  • 2 PM | Gryphon Corpus | Acupuncture

  • 2:30 PM | Gerry Stowers | Reiki

  • 3 PM | Anthony DeMauro | Meditation

  • 3:30 | Lynsie McKeown | Yoga



  • Balanced Bodies: Craniosacral therapy, Massage Therapy, Maternal and Infant Mental Health Services, Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology Education.

  • Charlottesville Tai Chi Center: Taiji Quan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan) is one of the three major internal martial arts taught at CTCC. Every movement in Taiji combines health benefits with self-defense applications.

  • Common Ground Healing Arts: Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, and Meditation. Offering free Auricular acupuncture and chair massage sessions.

  • Greater Charlottesville Trauma Informed Community Network: Improving trauma-informed care by educating professionals and the community on the impacts of trauma and by advocating for trauma-informed systems of care. Offering healing tools, resource lists, and self-training materials. All samples are free!

  • Living Earth School: The Living Earth School draws from both ancient and modern wisdom to empower students in becoming better caretakers, mentors, and leaders. We help people connect with each other, and the natural world through meaningful relationships and experiences.

  • Meditation in Motion Massage: Massage and Reiki therapy. Enjoy free 15 minute Reiki sessions.

  • Milk & Cradle LLC: Postpartum and lactation support.

  • Salute The Sun Yoga: Yoga studio. Will provide free class coupons, car magnets and stickers.

  • Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE): Providing support and resources for the promotion of healthy relationships in our community.

  • The Elderberry: A large herbal apothecary that creates custom herbal formulations. We offer house blends for various conditions as well as herbal consultations and classes. Free tea samples, and information about our classes. Play herbal jeopardy and test your knowledge about herbs and supplements to win a prize!

  • La Leche League of Charlottesville: Non-profit that provides peer breastfeeding support.

  • Cynthia Riegle: Telepathic animal communicator and Reiki Master offering services as an animal communicator and energy healer to aid individuals in their relationships with one another.

  • Emme Simon: Energy Intuitive and Transformational Life Coach.

  • 3 Sources Medicinal Arts : Toning qi gong practice, sound bowls, and education.

  • New Earth : Dedicated educators & consumers of ancient wild microalgae & fungi in ez to use supplement form.

  • Integrative Biodynamics and Wellness - a licensed massage therapist for almost 15 years, I offer several modalities. 1) Regenerative Myotherapy 2) Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 3) Somatic Experiencing 4) Sound/Vibrational Therapy

  • Trotter Mountain Farm, Sevinn Solutions LLC, and ArtbyLamiin : Cell cleansing mucus busting covid fighting herbal tea

  • Moon Dancer Medicinals : a Woman-Owned business offering affordable, handmade, all-natural, high-quality health & wellness products and THC-free CBD pain-relief and spa products.

  • WildflowersVA : Nature-inspired jewelry, home decor, and clothing with real hand-picked and pressed botanicals from a home garden.

  • East Flora Wellness : Showcasing their line of natural body care products, herbal remedies, as well as Reiki Energy Healing.

  • Mindful Mountain Yoga Cville : Chair yoga demonstrations & yoga teacher training

  • simplyYOGA : Literature provided on yoga

  • Denise Cory Hart : Mini Energy Tune-Ups with Tuning Forks & Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • Alexander Technique in Charlottesville :a form of psychosomatic education bringing unconscious and/or subconscious movement patterns to consciousness and giving the student alternatives of thinking and action that convey across all of life.

  • Harmonize Chiropractic: free spinal assessment and a 50% discount on our in office initial exam and first adjustment.

  • inVISION: a Medical Intuitive with a practice in Energy Medicine and a Wellness Coach at the Charlottesville Wellness Center

  • Emily Fenger: a master reiki practitioner, meditation guide, and breath work coach

  • Kashanaya : a Kingdom that co-creates with nature to create products and services (specializing in herbal/plant practices-some cannabis infused) to aid in the healing journey, alignment, restoration, exploration & conscious living.

  • Kelly's Canvases: Oil painting & prints

  • White Lotus Eco Spa Retreat: showing examples of retreats and events

  • Personal Training at CrossFit Charlottesville: they work to incorporate functional fitness into daily life. In addition to improving physical health, following a structured personal training program will help set and meet fitness goals, robustly perform everyday activities, & elevate cognitive clarity.

  • TheatreNouveau: Face & Body LiveArtistry & Holistic Henna Design ($5 & up)

  • Center for Diabetes Technology


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