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Introducing: Tom Tom Newsletters!

Whether you want to stay up to date with Summit alumni or get the most exciting Charlottesville events on your radar, we’ve got you covered.


With the launch of our Ninth-Annual Summit & Festival, we’re excited to announce the take-off of our new inbox initiative: Tom Tom newsletters! From here on out, we’re offering a regular Speaker Newsletter, featuring Summit stars making headlines, and the Com Com Newsletter, spotlighting events being put on by our neighbors in Charlottesville.


The Speaker Newsletter

This already-popular newsletter trumpets the latest from our Summit stars, near and far. Whether you’re a past speaker who wants to stay in touch with the Tom Tom community or a Summit fan with a hankering for cross-industry innovation news, this biweekly briefing is for you.

Want to check out the Speaker Newsletter for yourself? View previous editions of the newsletter on our blog, then sign up to stay connected with your favorite Tom Tom speakers.


The Com Com Newsletter

Check out the first two installments of the Com Com Newsletter here, then add your name to the list to get it in your inbox!

Please note: The Tom Tom Foundation is not always directly affiliated with the events listed in our community calendar. Our newsletter simply aims to elevate the incredible work of our peers and highlight the myriad ways our neighbors are building community in Charlottesville.


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