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Inaugural Tom Tom Fall Forum Launches Tomorrow

Charlottesville, VA (September 21, 2017) — The inaugural Tom Tom Fall Forum will be tomorrow, Friday 22nd, in downtown Charlottesville. This day-long convening of over 600 of Virginia’s emerging business executives, policymakers, and civic innovators will explore opportunities in the Commonwealth’s communities and key industries today, from renewable energy to cultural investment, with an emphasis on inclusion and shared gains. The event will take place from 9am-5pm ET at The Haven, CitySpace, and Common House. Participation in the Fall Forum was by invitation only, and the event is at capacity.

Fall Forum will feature over 60 speakers in 17 keynote panels and breakout sessions. Featured speakers include Todd Haymore, Secretary of Commerce and Trade of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Todd Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Capital One, Michael Chapman, EVP and Chief Strategy Office of the Martin Agency, Katharine Bond, Senior Policy Advisor of Dominion Energy, and founders of dozens of startups. For the complete list of speakers and schedule visit


Fall Forum is open to registered members of the media. Please contact Marketing Manager, Whitney Kenerly, at if you plan to attend or have questions. Press badges will be available upon at registration locations at The Haven and Common House throughout the day. Most speakers are available for interview upon request.


The following highlighted sessions take place at The Haven, Common House, and CitySpace in Charlottesville.

The New Virginia Innovator

9:30am – 10:40am, The Haven, 112 Market St

Join pioneering Virginians for a wide-ranging conversation about Virginia’s changing economy, from the rise of the freelancer to diversity in STEM, tech jobs for middle-skill workers, and a future powered by renewable energy.


  1. Ace Callwood, CEO, Painless1099

  2. Michael Chapman, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Martin Agency

  3. Crystal Icenhour, PhD, CEO & Cofounder, Aperiomics

  4. Kim Mahan, Founder, Maxx Potential

  5. Devin Welch, Cofounder, Sun Tribe Solar

  6. Moderator: Alex Fife, Senior Advisor, Tom Tom Founders Festival

GO Virginia Workshop: Funding for Regional Innovation Initiatives

10:50am – 12:20pm, CitySpace, 100 5th St NE

Join the GO Virginia Regional Councils and leaders across the Commonwealth in a discussion of ideas for inter-regional collaboration on innovation and entrepreneurship.


  1. Todd Haymore, Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Commonwealth of Virginia

Machine Learning: Revolutionizing Virginia Industries

11:00am – 12:10pm, Vinegar Hall North (Common House), 206 West Market Street

This discussion of Artificial Intelligence for humanities majors will examine how computing innovations, many of them originating in Virginia, are actively changing industries like banking and agriculture that touch us every day.


  1. Randy Caldejon, CEO & Co-Founder, CounterFlow AI

  1. Miriam Friedel, Director of Commercial Analytics, Elder Research

  1. Todd Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Capital One

  2. Jeannine Melican, Vice President for Commercial Products, MDA

  3. Moderator: Michael Prichard, CEO, Metis Machine

Can Virginia Lead the Energy Revolution?

2:00pm – 3:00pm, Vinegar Hall South (Common House), 206 West Market Street

Unique partnerships, innovative technologies, and customer choice are driving rapid changes in the energy sector. This panel will explore how Virginia should scale these efforts to become a leader in the clean energy space.


  1. Katharine Bond, Senior Policy Advisor, Dominion Energy

  2. Will Cleveland, Southern Environmental Law Center, Southern Environmental Law Center

  3. Tony Smith, CEO, Secure Futures Solar

  4. Danny Van Clief, Coronal Energy, Coronal Energy

  5. Moderator: Angela Navarro, Deputy Secretary of Natural Resources at Office of Governor Terence R. McAuliffe, Virginia Commonwealth

The Future of Service

3:15pm – 4:15pm, The Haven, 112 Market St

An exceptional panel – including two Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs – talk about the life journeys that brought them to serve others, and how they pursue scale, impact, and longevity in the rapidly changing field of social entrepreneurship.


  1. Sixto Cancel, CEO, Think of Us

  2. Kim Mahan, Founder, Maxx Potential

  3. Sam Pressler, Founder, Armed Services Arts Partnership

  4. Moderator: Jay Lester, Executive Director, Blue Morning

Access to Capital for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

4:30pm – 5:30pm, Vinegar Hall South (Common House), 206 West Market Street

A discussion on how policymakers and organizations can support under resourced entrepreneurs by providing support for promising business ventures.


  1. Nathalia Daguano Artus, Community Development, Union Bank & Trust

  2. Josh Epperson, Feast RVA, Feast RVA

  3. Leah Fremouw, CIO, Virginia Community Capital

  4. Moderator: Conaway Haskins, Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech

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The Tom Tom Foundation is a nonprofit organization that celebrates entrepreneurs, civic leaders, and creators who are shaping cities and communities across the nation. Tom Tom’s signature event is a weeklong festival of ideas and culture that takes place in Charlottesville, Virginia, each April in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. This cross discipline, multi-venue experience transforms the historic downtown and empowers the innovators, who are envisioning a brighter future. Since its inception in 2012, the Foundation’s Spring and Fall programming has showcased over 700 speakers and 280 bands to 172,000 program attendees, and has channeled $2.8 million to new ventures and projects. Learn more:



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