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Five Finds on Friday: Ian Judd

  Published by The Charlottesville 29 

On Fridays we feature five food finds selected by local chefs and personalities.  Today’s picks come from Ian Judd, sous chef at The Ivy Inn.  Next Saturday morning at the City Market, as part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, Judd will face off against five other top sous chefs in an Iron Chef competition.  Contestants will have $50 to buy ingredients at the market and just 30 minutes to cook them.  Judd’s picks:

1)  IVP Banh Mi at Ivy Provisions. “With a side of house pickles and a bottle of kombucha, it makes a killer combo for a quick lunch.”

2)  Smoked Brisket at The BBQ Exchange. “You really can’t go wrong with anything here. Everything is made with love. If you are brave enough try the Hell Sandwich. It’s a twisted love.”

3)  Drinks at Maya.  “A favorite of the crew here at the Ivy Inn after a long shift, it’s a great late night spot to get a wonderfully made drink and spend time with good friends.”

4)  Raw Bar at Rocksalt. “Happy hour here sure makes me happy with $1 oysters and clams.  Also, the lamb and clams are on point with spicy merguez and harissa.”

5)  Kale Salad with Crispy Fried Oysters at brunch at Hamiltons’. “The spicy Cajun Mary is on point, too! I never leave disappointed.”


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