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Download the Tom Tom App!

Whether you’re a badge holder or a free festival attendee, you’ll want to have Tom Tom’s new app! 


Introducing the Tom Tom App

This year navigating Tom Tom’s hundreds of sessions will be easy with the new Tom Tom App. Alongside a new master registration platform, Sched, which integrates with the Eventbrite ticketing platform, you’ll be able to register for sessions, share them with your friends, meet other attendees, and check venue capacity, among many other things. With the App, everything syncs on your mobile device, and your own personal Sched will be right at your fingertips, which will come in handy during the Festival and Summits.

Step 1: Download the App


Step 2: Check out it! 

You can SEARCH speakers, sessions, and venues and read BIOS and in-depth descriptions. You can see which sessions are SOLD OUT or close to it. You see an INTERACTIVE MAP of all venues and sessions, and also see the DAILY SCHEDULE of individual venues.

This is all straight-out-of-the-box, and (of course) totally FREE. 


Step 3: (Optional) Register for a Free Ticket or Buy A Badge

When you purchase a badge or an individual ticket, or even the Free Festival pass, you’ll do so through Eventbrite. All Eventbrite orders will come with an email from Sched prompting you to create an account and start the registration process.


Step 4: Start Signing up for things on Sched

With your ticket in hand, you can use Sched to plan your free weekend activities. This comprehensive scheduling platform comes with all kinds of bells and whistles. You can create a personalized schedule, share it with your friends, and sync it to your calendar.

For free ticket holders this is totally optional– it’s just a nice perk to help you plan your festival. And it’s all Free! Sched is a necessity for Badge Holders, since Sched is our official Registration Platform.  To guarantee a seat in any of our Summit programs, you must add it to your Schedule. Many of our programs, especially the hot topics and keynotes, will fill up FAST!


Confused? Read our blog post! 




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