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Apply to Tom Tom Entrepreneurial Competitions

Published on Newsplex

The Tom Tom Founders Festival is looking for entrepreneurs and innovators to apply for its entrepreneurial competitions.

The Crowdfunded Pitch Night, Super Demo, UVa Entrepreneurship Cup and Galant Challenge will take place during the festival from April 11 through 17.

Tom Tom partners with the University of Virginia and several other local organizations to give entrepreneurs and students a chance to put their work before potential funders, customers, fans and collaborators.

“Our core mission as a nonprofit is to catalyze new ventures and support founders,” said TTFF Director Paul Beyer. “From our standpoint, these competition are where new ideas get connected to the resources to succeed.”

For some participants, the competitions will result in funding and incubator opportunities.

Since 2013, more than $1.2 million in investment and grants have been distributed through these competitions.

The Crowdfunded Pitch Night challenges ten local entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a live audience that then pledges funds for their favorite.

Super Demo is an annual student pitch competition during which students present their projects to a panel of judges.

The UVa Entrepreneurship Cup showcases and provides seed money to the most compelling student venture.

The Galant Challenge connects seed stage ventures from the UVa alumni community with money.

For information or to apply for any of these competitions, click on the link alongside this story.


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