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An Introduction to ‘Finding Charlottesville’

Thursday, we launched another of our new segments on CBS19 News at 5.

This one is called ‘Finding Charlottesville’ and the inspiration for this piece comes from a festival that is about to celebrate its 4th year of existence—the Tom Tom Founders Festival.

Paul Beyer is the director of TTFF and helped kickoff the segment.

TTFF is a festival of music, art and innovation

and it takes place at dozens of venues throughout Charlottesville.

This year’s TTFF will take place April 13-19.

The hope is that the festival brings people from around the country to experience

the city.

This was a big week for the folks over at TTFF—they launched their website

, and announced the headliners for the first-ever Founders Summit.

The Founders Summit will anchor the festival and it will take place at the Paramount Theater on April 17.

As part of our ‘Finding Charlottesville’ segment, we’re going to beworking together

with TTFF, not only to showcase the festival, but also to continuously showcase innovators and organizers around Charlottesville.

TTFF is housed in the Pink Warehouse, just off The Downtown Mall in the heart of Charlottesville.

The Pink Warehouse has always been a creative incubator.

At one point, ‘C-VILLE Weekly’ was published out of the building.

It is most famous because Dave Matthews Band had their first concert on the rooftop of the building and even made a song about it called ‘Warehouse.’

Beyer said The Pink Warehouse is perfectly Charlottesville.

He added, “It’s really cool that the festival has gotten its legs and momentum in this really unique Charlottesville treasure.”

You can check out ‘Finding Charlottesville’ every first and third week of the month.


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