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2024 Registration, Mobile App, & Schedule Quick Start Guide

Download the Tom Tom Mobile app to browse all events and create your personalized schedule!


This step-by-step guide walks you through registration and scheduling for ticketed events completed through Eventbrite, as well as a new FREE community ticket...

Many events at the 12th Annual Tom Tom Festival are FREE to attend, and do not require any registration or tickets; think the Downtown Mall Block Party, Community Partner events, Pitch Nights, and Porchella. You can walk right up and join the party!

Other events, like the TOGETHER Conference Tracks (Conscious City, Technology for Good, Entrepreneurship for All and Society & Justice), Dance Series events, the Bridge to Life Screening will require a ticket for attendance.

Whether an event is FREE or PAID, if you want to use Tom Tom's Mobile App, you will need to have an Ticket in order to log-on to Sched, the platform which hosts Tom Tom's schedule. This year Tom Tom Festival is offering a FREE COMMUNITY TICKET, that will allow you to Download the App, and create your own customized schedule of FREE events.

If you plan to attend only free events at Tom Tom and would still like to build your schedule on Sched or using the Sched app, please go here and select the FREE COMMUNITY TICKET labeled “Create Your Personal Schedule on the Tom Tom App”. Once you complete the ticketing process you’ll receive an email from Sched prompting you to create an account. This will allow you to add free Tom Tom events to your schedule without purchasing a ticket.

Ready to get your tickets? Let's get started!

1. EVENTBRITE TICKETS: Visit the Tom Tom Festival Eventbrite Page and click on Get Tickets. Scroll to the desired conferences/events, add the ticket and then click Check out to complete your payment. Once you’ve completed checkout, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite with your ticket information. Note: If you are purchasing a ticket, you do not need to add the "Build Your Schedule" Ticket ($0) to your cart. You will automatically be registered for a Sched account.

add to your cart

check out and complete payment!

2. CREATE YOUR SCHED ACCOUNT - Once you have completed the Eventbrite process, you will also receive an email from Sched prompting you to login to create your festival schedule. You are now ready to login and create your custom schedule in Sched. Within Sched, you will see the Eventbrite tickets you purchased listed at the top of the page.

3. MAKING YOUR SCHEDULE Browse events and select (check) your desired sessions. Once your desired sessions/events have been selected, click on the Saved to My Schedule link at the bottom of the page to view, print or email your custom schedule. Note: an Eventbrite ticket is required for each paid event that you wish to attend and want to add to your schedule. A notice will pop up in Sched to alert you if a specific event requires an Eventbrite ticket.

4. DOWNLOAD THE APP & GET GOING! Download the Tom Tom Festival Sched App to your phone. With the App, everything syncs on your mobile device, and your own personal Sched will be right at your fingertips, which will come in handy during the Festival and Conference. That’s it! You’re registered and all ready to go! We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

5. QUESTIONS OR TROUBLESHOOTING - Reach out! We're at info (at) We want to make sure everything is working for you!


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