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1st Keynote Speaker Announced for 2017 Founders Summit


Published on Newsplex

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets to being successful? Or, if you’re fascinated by the stories behind entrepreneurs and their accomplishments, then Tom Tom has an event that’s perfect for you.

It’s called the Founders Summit and it’s a big event people look forward to every year.

“The Founders Summit, is a day of talks at the Paramount Theater. It’s Tom Tom’s premier event. It’s a national convening of artists, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders, telling their founding stories and inspiring Charlottesville and the state of Virginia to do more,” said Tom Tom Festival Director Paul Beyer.

The Founders Summit will take place on April 14, and every year, it features a group of accomplished keynote speakers.

They’ve announced the first keynote speaker for this year and it’s a woman named Ting Xu.

“She is a Chinese immigrant to America. She came here when she was 19, and she has co-founded Evergreen Enterprises, which is a multi-national company. It has 1,500 employees, does $300 million a year of revenue, and she came with literally nothing and she has built up a true American success story,” Beyer said.

People with their own American dream come to the Founders Summit looking for both inspiration and education.

“So, they’re coming to get inspired, to hear stories of amazing success and they’re also coming to learn more about how they can achieve that in their own lives,” he said.

Tickets for the Founders Summit always sell out, so now the Tom Tom Founders Festival has given people the chance to get them ahead of time through a presale.

“We just launched presale tickets for the Founders Summit. It’s the best price you are going to get them at. It is open until Dec. 1 and the idea is that for many people, the Founders Summit is the premier event in the spring, on the entrepreneurial calendar for Charlottesville, so they already know they’re coming and this is the best price they are going to get the tickets at,” Beyer said.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for Dec. 1.

“Continuing speaker announcements will be made throughout the year with a big one made Dec. 1,” Beyer said.

Presale tickets are $49 and available through the Tom Tom website. After Dec. 1, ticket prices will rise to $69. Student tickets are available at the discounted rate of $29.


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