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Community Partners

Helping cultivate a more connected social impact community.

Each year Tom Tom supports organizations that contribute to equity, opportunity, and creativity in our hometown. Dozens of workshops, programs and initiatives at the annual Summit & Festival are the direct result of collaborating with these partners.

Get to know our partners:

When we teach, we reach.

The absence of diverse teaching staff has a significant impact on children. Without witnessing cross-cultural collaboration, it’s hard to benefit from mentorship or appreciate the value of cultural differences. African American Teaching Fellows helps students understand that despite varied experience, it’s our similarities that unite us. LEARN MORE

Bridge diverse communities through the arts.

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative strengthens and enriches the community through the power of creative interaction and shared experience. They engage with a diverse and ever-growing group of artists and citizens to foster a more deeply connected and robust community. LEARN MORE

Building a pathway from cradle to college to career.

City of Promise is committed to a child-centered approach of educational support. First, they honor parents as the experts and primary educators, understanding their decisions play a key role in their children’s success. Second, they maintain a consistent presence in the neighborhood, which builds the trust and accountability required to make a real difference in student achievement. LEARN MORE

Empowering small business for big change.

The Community Investment Collaborative strengthens the community and contributes to economic development by fueling the success of under-resourced entrepreneurs through education, mentoring, financing, and networking. LEARN MORE

Connecting everyone through music.

The Front Porch believes that music is a universal language that brings people together, and they’re on a mission to make music inclusive, affordable, and accessible to all. They host classes, workshops, and performances with a focus on affordability, and their free weekly jams draw a diverse crowd from the Charlottesville area. LEARN MORE

Providing practical skills in a community classroom.

There’s a big gap in the skills and networks people need to pursue interesting and impactful ideas, projects, and careers. That’s where HackCville comes in. They teach the skills needed by today’s fast-growing, world-changing startups and tech companies in a collaborative setting while connecting students with mentors and job opportunities. LEARN MORE

Challenging students to be active in the media.

Light House Studio seeks to foster a community where Charlottesville’s young people flourish as students, storytellers, and citizens. As the only dedicated youth film center in Virginia, they equip young people with the skills and confidence to tell their stories and build community through collaborative filmmaking. LEARN MORE

A community free from sexual violence.

The mission of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) is to eliminate sexual violence and its impact by providing education, advocacy and support to men, women and children. Services are provided free to all survivors. LEARN MORE

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Setting the table for a community conversation.

When people from all backgrounds come together, the result is a stronger, more vibrant community. The United Way­ of Greater Charlottesville focuses their efforts on the three pillars of community philanthropy, catalytic leadership, and dynamic grantmaking. Their varied outreach efforts include The Community Table — participants share a meal, a conversation, and build common ground. LEARN MORE

Providing access to nature play for everyone.

Every person has the basic right to experience a personal connection to the natural world that is supportive of health and happiness. Wildrock Virginia offers educational, recreational, and therapeutic programs to a broad and diverse audience. LEARN MORE

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