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Clean Energy

Career Connection

OCTOBER 16, 2020

12 PM 

A Part of the Cities Rising Summit

In partnership with Sun Tribe, Tom Tom Foundation is hosting a virtual networking event during the Cities Rising Summit focused on connecting talented and diverse students with companies in Virginia's clean energy sector to provide opportunities for actionable, small-group conversations and relationship-building between students and potential employers. 

Image by Science in HD

The clean energy sector employs over three million people in the US—three times more than the fossil fuel economy. Clean energy is the fastest-growing source of energy generation in the US. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the two fastest-growing jobs until 2026 will be solar installers and wind technicians.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Currently, Virginia is #10 in clean energy jobs, with more than 78,000 Virginians working in the industry. Of that figure, 5,000 are clean vehicles jobs, over 4,000 are solar jobs, and more than 600 are wind jobs. Already, the demand for wind turbine technicians will grow by 96% by 2026, while demand for solar photovoltaic installers will grow by 105% in the same time. 

Solar Sytem by Sun Tribe.jpg

Virginia will invest more in the clean energy economy in order to meet Virginia’s energy demands completely with clean energy and spur job growth in the Commonwealth. Careers in clean energy are not only in engineering but also in marketing and policy advocacy. 


Clean Energy Companies

The Cities Rising Summit

In the shadow of a global pandemic and ongoing movement for racial justice, the need could not be greater for multi-sector city leaders to exchange ideas and develop solutions for their communities around entrepreneurship, health, education, the arts, justice, and data.

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