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Social Innovation

Helping communities to realize equitable solutions to dismantle systemic racism across industries.

For cities to thrive, all residents must first have equal access to health, education, opportunity, safety, and equal justice under law. Through our Summit programming, Virtual Roundtables, and collaborative partnerships, we seek to elevate the voices of equity leaders here in Charlottesville and across the country by convening a platform to share solutions to the structural issues plaguing communities. 

Convening leaders to increase 
health equity in small cities.

Equity begins with having equal access to healthcare. We assemble and collaborate with physicians, researchers, state and local policymakers, data experts, and advocates to expose structural racism in our healthcare system and support these leaders in the fight for the fundamental changes needed to end health disparities.

Assembling experts to
close the achievement gap.

Attending the same school doesn’t guarantee the same opportunities. Unequal access to technology, limited resources due to district location, varying home life conditions, and systemic bias all contribute to diverging outcomes. We host conversations with educators, superintendents, policymakers, and organizers to target and push back on the obstacles to academic success.

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Creating space for inclusive
innovation and entrepreneurship.

Transforming a big idea into a thriving business is challenging in itself; and it’s made harder for those without formal business training, access to capital, or industry networks. Through our longstanding partnership with the Community Investment Collaborative, and at our annual Crowdfunded Pitch Night, we provide a platform to facilitate connections for entrepreneurs.

Exchanging solutions for
comprehensive justice reform.

Minorities and people of color are subject to racial profiling, police brutality, and disproportionate incarceration, and cities often lack the reentry infrastructure necessary to prevent recidivism. By assembling and supporting advocates, policymakers, and legislators in the justice reform space, we strive to create safer and more just cities.

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Want to learn more about increasing equity in your hometown?

Consider hosting a Cohort!

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