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Tom Tom & The Bridge PAI Call for Solo-Exhibit Proposals!

Tom Tom Founders Festival and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative  announce a call for artists for their inaugural artist-in-residence partnership. The two organizations are seeking proposals for a solo-exhibition incorporating the theme of “innovation and technology.” Artists are encouraged to explore the concepts of disruption, inclusion, community, and the intersection of people and ideas. Submissions are open to all mediums. Artists are encouraged to stretch the concept of a traditional gallery exhibition. Opportunities exist for artists to incorporate workshops, activities, performance, etc.. The chosen resident artist will see their innovative, technology-driven art featured this April. This exhibition will be publicized to an anticipated 20,000+ attendees this Spring. The deadline to submit is: March 1st, 2018.

The exhibition will debut Friday, April 6 at The Bridge’s gallery and continue through the duration of April. Artists interested in this opportunity are invited to submit their ideas and proposals.

The solo-exhibition for a newly selected artist in residence will mark an inaugural partnership between the Tom Tom Founders Festival and The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative.  Tom Tom’s commitment to highlighting innovators and makers in small-cities is a complementary alignment to The Bridge’s mission to bridge diverse communities through the arts by facilitating connection, practicing engagement, and designing great experiences.

“There’s really no question about the role of art and creativity in driving innovation,” says Alan Goffinski, Director of The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, “artists train themselves to see things that don’t yet exist–and to do so from alternative perspectives. In that sense, an artist’s practice is entirely about creating, reimagining, and disrupting. It’s often the artist in the room that asks the important peculiar questions that nobody else has yet considered. To that end, The Bridge is excited to partner with Tom Tom to offer this platform for art to challenge and shape knowledge.”

Find more information regarding ways to support Tom Tom and sign up for email newsletters to keep an eye out for our announcement of the finalist.


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