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Tom Tom Speaker Newsletter, Vol. 3

What’s Going On With Tom Tom Speakers This Summer?

In the latest edition of our newsletter, we highlight news about chatbots, workforce development, meat alternatives, and more from speakers across the country. As always, drop us a line if you have bites to share via!


Speaker Spotlights

“There’s no such thing as a neutral design. Every design impacts people,” the 2017 Tom Tom speaker said. “So, in my projects, I’m asking: how am I holding myself, my clients, my team accountable?”

Beyond Meat reported a 215% rise in sales for the first quarter of 2019, totaling $40.2 million in revenue, CNN Business reports. Tom Tom keynote speaker and Beyond’s executive chair Seth Goldman called the feat a “breakthrough moment” for the decade-old company.

Plus, friend of Tom Tom and Entrepreneur magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer met up with members of the Yahoo Finance team to discuss the brand’s Whole Foods debut.


But wait—there’s more!

Steven Olikara, founder and CEO of the Millennial Action Project, spoke on the organization’s efforts to amplify the impact of young lawmakers around the country with the help of New Profit’s Civic Lab initiative.

Former United States Ambassador John Negroponte, who appeared at Tom Tom 2018 in conversation on “The Presidency at a Crossroads,” spoke to NPR about foreign policy and the threat of tariffs.

CEO of New America Anne-Marie Slaughter is set to oversee a $1 million grant project connecting young people in cities across the country with apprenticeship and other career training opportunities.

Devin Welch, chief strategy officer of Sun Tribe Solar and all-around Tom Tom champion, penned a piece for Solar Power World about the importance of pursuing diversity in the renewable energy sphere. “[It] isn’t just good for our industry’s image,” he wrote. “In fact, it’s the only way we’re going to succeed.”

Anton Korinek, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia, recently published a study in the Oxford Handbook on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Read along with us here: “Integrating Ethical Values and Economic Value to Steer Progress in Artificial Intelligence.”

Lady Painters: Inspired by Joan Mitchell,” a vibrant exhibition showcasing Abstract Expressionism, opened on June 7 at Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville. Hats off to Tom Tom collaborator Kristen Chiacchia, the gallery’s Executive Director and Chief Curator.

What makes job candidates successful? Tianlu Wang, Presidential Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Data Science Institute, is teaming up with fellow PhD candidates to research what separates applicants during the employment search.

US Senator Mark Warner discussed the effects that globalization and automation have had on the workforce and how he plans to close the income gap with CNBC.

Continuing our coverage of San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros’ Financial Justice Project, San Francisco News reports that recipients of benefits such as Medi-Cal and Calfresh will receive free admission to San Francisco-area museums until September.

2018 Applied Machine Learning speaker and Principal Software Engineer for the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine Michael Szul just published a new book on chatbot development.


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