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Tom Tom 2019: A Headlining Conversation on The Future of Cannabis

Special thanks to The Community Ideas Stations and WVCE PBS!

Tonight’s conversation is about how a movement, a community, and an industry can look at the successes they have had and realize that they can and must do better.” – John Hudak, Brookings Institution


Five of the country’s top thought-leaders in cannabis entrepreneurship and policy reform gathered at the Paramount Theater on April 10, 2019 for an invigorating conversation about the opportunities and challenges the industry presents for our communities as well as the social movement that is marijuana legalization.

Focus areas of conversation included creating equity in the field with job pipelines, networking organizations, and social impact investing focused on women and minority entrepreneurs; reinvesting in communities negatively impacted by past drug policy with expungement programs, job training, and education; and best practices for state and federal regulation of THC, CBD, hemp, and the full spectrum of cannabis products.

Our Expert Panel: Jenn Michelle Pedini, Executive Director, Virginia NORML Hope Wiseman, Founder, Mary and Main Steven Hawkins, Executive Director, The Marijuana Policy Project Jane West, CEO, Jane West & Founder, Women Grow John Hudak, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

Hope Wiseman on how the biggest challenge for women and people of color in the industry is often access to capital.

Jane West on how the tenuous balance between state and federal laws presents issues for banking and merchant services

Steven Hawkins on addressing issues of equity in the field with job pipelines and community reinvestment programs. 

Jenn Michelle Pedini on what Virginians can hope for with more meaningful marijuana policy reform.  





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