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First Winning Design Announced for the 2019 City Art Bus Competition: “New Beginnings, Eternal Life”

Tampa-based artist Egypt’s work explores society, history, and empowerment


Now, you can catch her colorful design in mobile mural form, rolling the streets of Charlottesville. This process is made possible with support from CAT and JAUNT, who are joining forces with Tom Tom to announce the first winning artist for the fifth annual City Art Bus competition.

“Through various portraits, images and colors, this design tells a story of strength, diversity, hope, and the willingness to succeed,” Egpyt commented. “Each portrait represents a person who has accomplished something great and never gave up. I hope that this design will show the youth and community as a whole that we are all equal, we are all strong, and anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

Egypt’s art has already hit the road. The JAUNT bus will be unveiled and the second winning artist will be named later this month. Both buses will be live on the city’s streets by early April.

In its fifth year, the annual art initiative has expanded to include the wrapping of both CAT and JAUNT public transit buses. These two moving murals operate on bus lines throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County and will be seen by an estimated 200,000+ riders and residents throughout the coming year.

Bus wrapping under way! Photo credit: Westley Kern, March 2019


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