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CYSK: Maggie Graff

A glimpse into the daily lives, inspirations, and stories of the entrepreneurs, creatives, social innovators, and community champions who call Charlottesville home!

Maggie Graff

Founder of Ignited

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Favorite small business: Darling Boutique or Sidetracks Music

Favorite place: IX Art Park

Favorite community event: VA Film Festival

Favorite local restaurant: Lampo

What is your educational and professional background?

I grew up in Charlottesville and went to JMU for my undergraduate degree, where I studied Advertising and minored in Music Industry. Since then, I’ve moved to Richmond and completed the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Business of Art & Design online graduate program. That curriculum is geared towards creative entrepreneurship and finalizing an entire business plan. Originally, I started the program wanting to elevate my music industry freelance photography business, and ended up creating “Ignited.”

What does Ignited do?

Ignited is an online, membership-based community serving the Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia music industry! Think of it as a central resource for all involved in the music scene in Central VA, from musician to fan and everyone in-between. Its main features include the streamlined event calendar, industry specific groups, music book club, and monthly giveaways from local music businesses.

Ignited provides a space for music lovers and industry individuals to network, promote their projects, and stay in the know of everything that’s going on locally. For example, there’s a “Feedback/Critiques” group for those who want direct insight on their current projects from others. There’s also an “In Search Of/Selling” group meant for those on the hunt for new bandmates, specific gear, event tickets, and more.

Members who sign up in the first couple months after Ignited launches are able to get their first three months completely free, and then after that, members can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis.

Why are you passionate about your work?

I had a unique angle into the Central VA music industry from my music photographer vantage point. I distinctly remember wanting to meet other female music photographers in the Richmond area when I first moved, and realizing there wasn’t a direct resource I could consult to broaden my network. This is when I got to thinking about providing something larger scope than my freelance music photography. There’s such a dynamic, diverse, and talented network in both Cville and RVA music that I wanted to assist in bringing everyone together. It was through my experience as a music photographer that made me better understand the local industry’s unsolved needs, like that of a centralized community resource accessible to all involved in the Charlottesville & Richmond music industry.

How would you like to impact the Charlottesville community?

This is a platform centered around cross-connectivity, promotion, and growth within the local music industry, and my top priority is to maintain that objective. If I can manage that, then I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do with Ignited.

I hope that no matter your involvement or association with local music, Ignited can help you elevate and expand upon that experience.

What is something you're looking forward to?

Ignited’s official launch! The Ignited platform goes live on May 1, 2021! Starting at midnight, you can go to, signup, and you’ll get the first three months for free using code “IGNITED90”.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ignited Brand Ambassador, an Ignited Partner, or simply learning more, you can reach out to Maggie directly at Follow along with the Ignited experience by also following Ignited on Instagram: @ignitedva!

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