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CARNIVALE - A Latin, Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Dance Party



The theme of the 11th Annual Tom Tom Festival is FUTURE FORWARD—and it's all bringing many different communities together to build a brighter tomorrow.

We think dancing is a pretty big part of that!

Let’s take the Block Party energy onto the dance floor for a night of Latin soul that brings all the dance communities of Charlottesville together.

Bright colors and Latin moves.

Come dressed in your CARNIVALE best because it’s time for an all-out celebration.

Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, and Kizomba, Brazilian, Samba, and Funk.

Come with a partner or dance solo!



::::::: LOOKS :::::::::


::::::: SOUNDS :::::::::

FLOOR ONE (Partner Sets)

FOREIGN PLAYERS is a dynamic and vibrant organization that specializes in creating social dance events for Latin dances such as bachata, salsa, zouk, Cumbia, merengue, and many other types of Latin dance. Founded by passionate dancers, Foreign Playerz aims to promote the love and appreciation of Latin dance and culture by providing a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.


Marcela Biondo is a 27 year old born in a small town in Brazil outside Sao Paulo. Her style spans classic club hits with more inspired beats from her home country playing throughout the east coast. Instagram

Crenshaw (Richmond) Crenshaw has been producing electronic dance music and DJing for over a decade. The sounds he creates reflect his lived experience from RVA to LA, the Caribbean, Mexico, Burning Man and beyond. As a member of the Party Liberation Foundation he helps to transform unconventional spaces into dance clubs and brings the art of electronic music, dance, and flow arts to the masses.


::::::: VALUES :::::::::

This is a party about love and creative expression.

We have a safe spaces policy that we enforce so that everyone is respected.

Consent and community are top priorities.

Read FUN’s Values Statement


::::::: GENERAL :::::::::

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