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Calling All College Students: Applications Open NOW!

Tom Tom and American Evolution launch Virginia’s top challenge for up-and-coming entrepreneurs


Applications are now open to Virginia college students for the American Evolution Innovators Cup. Can we count you in? Tom Tom, in partnership with American Evolution, is thrilled to present the second annual iteration of the competition, which challenges the brightest minds from Virginia’s colleges and universities to think up innovative solutions to issues facing the state and nation. Held on April 11 and 12 at Tom Tom, the challenge is perfectly aligned with the festival’s goal to promote entrepreneurship and creativity in America’s hometowns.

The theme for the Social Impact Challenge is “Reinventing High School,” encouraging students to identify trends that will support the growing need for an innovative approach to high school. This challenge asks how secondary education can be reimagined to emphasize skills students will need to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

Applications for the Cup will close in February 2019, so be sure to get the ball rolling early if you are interesting in participating. Apply starting today, and help commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Commonwealth’s innovative spirit by creatively problem-solving for a better Virginia. Selected participants will be announced by Tom Tom and American Evolution in March.

For more information about the Cup, please visit To explore ticketing options and purchase access to other events at the 2019 Tom Tom Summit & Festival, head to



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