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Announcing the 2018 Iron Chef Winner!

Congratulations to our 2018 Iron Chef winner Chef Javier Figueroa-Ray from Pearl Island Foods! Two renowned local chefs and one student team competed in the annual, Charlottesville-style take on the popular TV show “Iron Chef.” A panelist of culinary experts watched as the chefs shopped for locally produced ingredients from the City Market before preparing the dishes in front of them under a strict time constraint before judging the results.


Judge’s Pick: Chef Javier Figueroa-Ray from Pearl Island Foods!

Chef Javier Figueroa-Ray has been the executive chef of Pearl Island Catering for three years. Therapist turned chef, Javier has been involved with cooking for as far as he can remember. Today, he brings the flavors of the Caribbean to Charlottesville and beyond…

IRON CHEF DISH After shopping for just 10 minutes at the City Market for ingredients, Figueroa-Ray spent under half an hour preparing his version of the Ham Biscuit – which incorporated a unique take with poached egg, hollandaise sauce, trout roe caviar, and a sweet potato hash.

Charlottesville’s Signature Dish

Iconic cities have iconic dishes. Now, Charlottesville has one too!

HAM BISCUIT In early April, we unveiled Cville’s Signature Dish prior to the 2018 Tom Tom Founders Festival. After much dedication to research, polling, and discussion by the culinary experts, writers, historians, and home cooks, the ham biscuit was chosen to represent our city. We have invited restaurants participating in Farm-to-Table week and beyond to show case their own version of the signature dish for all to try!






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