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You have the opportunity to help decide the next City Art Bus. You have three votes that are each weighted. The first choice is worth (5) points, the second choice is (3) points, and the third vote is (1) point.

You may not vote for a bus multiple times, each one of your three votes needs to be for a different bus. 
Also please only vote one time.

The winning designs will be selected by combining the results of the crowd favorite votes, a CAT bus driver vote, a Jaunt bus driver vote, and a juried panel.

Voting Closes March 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM



Gooey is a self-taught painter, and graphic artist, who believes that everyone should have access to art. His goal is to create art in unexpected spaces, and everyday objects to find the accidental audience.


Lindsay Diamond

For the last 10 years, she has taught art to children, created book covers and interiors for authors, continued a fine art practice and is now also writing and illustrating children's books. A long held interest in mindfulness, growth and being of service to others influences much of her work. 


Mike McConnel

My paintings, drawings, and constructions are fueled by life experiences and nature. I work intuitively, combining, editing, and recombining marks into compositions that are unexpectedly recognizable. I don’t set out to tell a story, but my many years as an illustrator inevitably weave their way into my work.


Sebastian Puentes Rivero

I am a visual artist, an art teacher. I love painting, I particularly like drawing and painting nature, people, their place and beautiful things of life.


Shelby Baillie

I have been finding great joy and inspiration in illustrating things from the natural world and melding that with the more technological things like type and graphic design. This encapsulates what Virginia felt like to me when I would visit yearly as a child.


Benjamin Duke

 In my paintings I ask myself “Is this the way the world is?’ I reshape and retool my painting experience to answer that question.  But while the question begins with the world, it ends with the work itself: “Is this the way the world is in this work?”


Maddie Rhondeau

There is an interactive component to my design! All viewers of the bus are encouraged to count/guess the number of insects on all four sides. The answer will be available on my website for those who are up to the challenge! Who doesn't love a (moving) hidden picture game?


Nathan Kim

I am an artist attending Charlottesville High School. I can't remember a time when creating and making art hasn't been a key part of my identity. As life has slowed down with the extended lockdown I have found myself looking more often to the sky, feeling the sweeping majesty of the ever-changing colors. In my pieces, I hope to catch the immensity of the feeling and the soaring, ethereal peace I find.


Rain Kraus

Neuro Art by Rain is a collection of digital and tangible visual works inspired by the study of Neurographica,® a unique art and stress-reduction therapy. Neurographica is an interdisciplinary practice that fosters personal change, allows understanding and overcoming of personal limitations with the goal of modeling a new reality.


William Miller

I'm an artist from Falls church VA, who's about to quit my job to focus on art full time. Also just had a baby girl so pretty crazy timing but just like I found this contest a couple weeks ago everything happens for a reason ✌


Reimagining everyday transit as a canvas for public art.

Each year, a winning design is chosen to transform a 35' clean diesel public transit CAT bus and JAUNT bus into spectacular moving murals. The design competition draws contributions from dozens of local, national, and international artists.

2020 Winners

2020 CAT Bus:
Bridget Olsen

Winning designer Bridget Olsen is a Charlottesville native currently studying creative technologies at Virginia Tech. Her "main influences include dreams, music, sea life, and vivid colors," which make regular appearances in her work. As an artist with a learning disability, she hopes her win will inspire other young artists to see their disabilities as a strength.

2020 JAUNT Bus:
Julia Bailey

Winning designer Julia Bailey is currently a junior at Charlottesville High School, where she is enrolled in a digital art class. Her design was inspired by her love of animals including her family’s three cats. She has been fostering with the CASPCA since the age of 10 and aspires to one day become a crazy cat lady. She thanks her art teacher, Ms. Van Yahres, for her encouragement and guidance.

Past Winners:

2019 CAT Bus:

2019's winning Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) bus design was created by Egypt, an artist and muralist from Los Angeles, California currently based in Tampa, Florida. Her work “New Beginnings, Eternal Life” amplifies a story of growth, transition, and culture by featuring iconic black artists, performers, and intellectuals, juxtaposed with imagery of African nature scenes and Egyptian royalty. Egypt’s design won both the community vote and the CAT bus drivers’ vote.

2019 Jaunt Bus:
Craig Snodgrass

The second winning design for the fifth annual City Art Bus competition was created by Craig Snodgrass. Snodgrass is a Staunton-based painter, illustrator, web developer, and self-proclaimed “robot fighter.” His design features a series of exploratory robots roaming a lunar landscape.

2018 CAT Bus:
Sam Gray

Sam is a member of McGuffey Art Center and works there as an artist, illustrator, and freelance graphic designer. Her work spans various media from painting and drawing to printing and ceramics, but throughout it all she often features a confluence of people and nature. She was born and raised in Northern Virginia and studied graphic design at the University of Georgia, graduating summa cum laude in 2012.  In 2016 she became an Incubator Artist at the McGuffey Art Center. 

2018 Jaunt Bus:
Andrew Stronge

Andrew Stronge has been a freelance graphic designer for a number of years, working extensively in screen printing and web design; he frequently employs bold and minimalist designs that are easy to spot. He has been contracted by UVA, C-Ville Weekly, and Crazy Horse for his work.His JAUNT bus design, “Outerspace,” launches us into our galaxy, bringing space travel and exploration of our “final frontier” front and center. “I wanted to design something forgiving to the contour and shape of the bus; I’ve always been a fan of robots & retro futurism to the point it’s become a niche,” says Stronge.

2017 CAT Bus:
Paul Hostetler

Paul Hostetler is a freelance illustrator, painter, and comics maverick. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009 with his BFA in Illustration and is currently a McGuffey incubator artist. His clients include Virginia Living, Adbusters, Whurk, Experience Life!, Smart Lab Toys, The Jefferson Center for Free Speech, 2RW Consultants, the Aquarium of the Pacific, Random House Publishing, Arlington magazine, Bethesda magazine, C-Ville Weekly, Charleston Home, Kent County Public Libraries, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, The South magazine, and The Utne Reader.

2016 CAT Bus:

Paul “SWANK” Nandee is a Los Angeles based artist/designer who is a part of the prestigious ICU Art collective. SWANK has completed work on projects for a wide range of companies including: Ford Motor Company, Touchstone Pictures, The Learning Channel (TLC), Pepsi, MTV, Delta Airlines, ESPN, URB Magazine, Virgin Mobile, RIOT Games, Activision, Gatorade, and NIKE. Through a partnership between Tom Tom, CAT, Second Street Gallery and ICU Art, SWANK designed the digital wrap that transformed the 29’ hybrid Art Bus though cheerful characters and animals. 

2015 CAT Bus:
Mickael Broth

Mickael Broth is an acclaimed muralist with works across the US and is the co-founder of Richmond’s Welcoming Walls, a project dedicated to bring large-scale public art to the highways and gateways of Richmond, VA in an effort to boost civic pride, tourism, and the city’s reputation as a capital. Broth is also a published author and recipient of VMFA’s Professional Fellowship. For the first annual City Art Bus, Broth painted a soon to be decommissioned 35’ long flyer bus that was on view for one year after its completion during the 2015 festival. Its colorful design provided a playful take on Charlottesville’s history and landmarks.

Stay tuned!

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