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City Art Bus

Reimagining everyday transit as a canvas for public art.

Each year, a winning design is chosen to transform a 35' clean diesel public transit CAT bus and JAUNT bus into spectacular moving murals. The design competition draws contributions from dozens of local, national, and international artists.


Current Winners

Shelby Bailee.jpg

2021 CAT Bus:
Shelby Baillie

Baillie is an avid lover of graphic design, product design, Illustration and the creative design process.  A resident of Cape Coral, Florida, Baillie was one of the dozens of national applicants of the 2021 Art Bus Competition. Her pastoral Blue Ridge design speaks to the environmental ecosystems of Charlottesville and Albemarle. Learn more about Shelby's freelance and commissioned work.

Graphic Artist picture.jpeg

2021 Jaunt Bus:
Lindsay Heider Diamond

Diamond has worked as a professional illustrator, graphic designer, art director and creative director on both coasts. For the last 10 years, she has taught art to children, created book covers and interiors for professional authors and incarcerated writers, continues a fine art practice and is now also working at writing and illustrating children's books.

Past Winners:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.19.13 PM.png

2020 CAT Bus:
Bridget Olsen

Winning designer Bridget Olsen is a Charlottesville native currently studying creative technologies at Virginia Tech. Her "main influences include dreams, music, sea life, and vivid colors," which make regular appearances in her work. As an artist with a learning disability, she hopes her win will inspire other young artists to see their disabilities as a strength.


2020 JAUNT Bus:
Julia Bailey

Winning designer Julia Bailey is currently a junior at Charlottesville High School, where she is enrolled in a digital art class. Her design was inspired by her love of animals including her family’s three cats. She has been fostering with the CASPCA since the age of 10 and aspires to one day become a crazy cat lady. She thanks her art teacher, Ms. Van Yahres, for her encouragement and guidance.


2019 CAT Bus:

2019's winning Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) bus design was created by Egypt, an artist and muralist from Los Angeles, California currently based in Tampa, Florida. Her work “New Beginnings, Eternal Life” amplifies a story of growth, transition, and culture by featuring iconic black artists, performers, and intellectuals, juxtaposed with imagery of African nature scenes and Egyptian royalty. Egypt’s design won both the community vote and the CAT bus drivers’ vote.