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Scranton Cohort

Emerging leaders convene around ideas and solutions to move the region beyond the pandemic.


Southern Virginia is in a period of transition—community leaders are retiring, industry is diversifying, downtowns are thriving, businesses are opening and public perception of the area is improving. Despite the uncertainty and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, it is an exciting time to live in the region.


To realize their regional potential, the next generation of leaders must be prepared to lead from any seat. The cohort will provide a space for emerging leaders from Southern Virginia to serve as learners and contributors in the innovative and engaging environment present at the

Cities Rising Summit. 


A virtual orientation, weekly debrief sessions and a post-Summit final session will focus on intentional leadership engagement and programming in an effort to facilitate a smooth leadership transition during and beyond the pandemic.


2020 Facilitators

2020 Cohort



"What this did for me was help facilitate my ability to connect with people. A lot of us are involved in different silos where we’re working, so it was a good opportunity to meet different people and find out what their areas of expertise and areas of involvement are.” 

—  Steven Osborne, Attorney, Adams and Fisk, PLC

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