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Applied Machine Learning Conference 2018

Tom Tom Founders Festival announced today that the second annual Applied Machine Learning Conference (AMLC) will take place on Thursday, April 12 from 9:30am-7pm at the Violet Crown theater in downtown Charlottesville. This day-long conference will convene researchers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners who use big data and machine learning applications on a wide variety of topics. At the sold-out 2017 conference, speakers presented on projects ranging from predicting internet news media engagement to determining meal composition with computer vision to helping people walk by measuring energy expenditure of prosthetics wearers. Tickets to the conference are available at

“Machine Learning is a technology that helps make sense of the massive amounts of data and, in today’s world, it is the key to survival for businesses,”  said AMLC steering committee member, and founder and CEO of Metis Machine, Michael Prichard. “The Applied Machine Learning Conference is an extremely important and highly valuable forum for data scientists, machine learning engineers and business owners to see real-world examples of how Machine Learning is driving businesses forward. It is a unique opportunity that Charlottesville has all the pieces necessary to put this together.”

This year the conference will be accepting a larger number of speaker presentations in addition to new programming formats. Machine learning and data science practitioners from all industries are now welcome to submit abstracts for 15 and 30 minute presentations, as well as 5 minute lightning talks. Proposals can be submitted at The deadline to apply is February 26, 2018.

In addition to an expansion of speaker presentations, the AMLC will be hosting a Tech Showcase & Mixer. Companies interested in showcasing their work and research in front of Charlottesville’s growing tech community should contact Daniel Bailey at for more information.

“As a data scientist, I was fascinated by the wide variety of topics presented, and especially excited by the work being done in our local area. With this year’s conference having at least double the content of last year, plus networking opportunities, there will be something for everyone – from those just curious about what you can do with data science, to advanced machine learning practitioners,” said Renee Teate, Data Scientist at HelioCampus, and creator of the ‘Becoming a Data Scientist’ podcast and twitter community.

Tickets are on sale to attend the conference. A reduced student ticket is available to current students. Purchase your ticket at

Interested in submitting? Submit your presentation online at


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